Kelly Clarkson's Quotes About Her Husband Show What’s Really Behind Those Hazel Eyes

by Korey Lane
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Here in America, we have certain national treasures. Apple pie, democracy, and mac n' cheese are all included, but Kelly Clarkson tops the list. The American Idol winner didn't just steal our hearts way back when, but she continues to keep it real even today. And now that she's married with kids, Kelly Clarkson's quotes about Brandon Blackstock, her handsome hubby, will remind you why we all adore her in the first place. She's real, she's kind, she's honest, and she can belt out a tune like no one else.

Clarkson and her husband Blackstock actually met in 2006, when he was married to his first wife, Melissa Ashworth. When Clarkson first laid eyes on him, she knew he was something special. But it wasn't until 2012 when they reconnected after Clarkson performed at the Super Bowl, E! News reports.

Now they share two adorable children, River Rose and Remington Alexander, and seem totally happy and at peace. And looking even closer at Clarkson's sweet quotes about her husband, it's clear that not only are these two happy, but they're totally meant to be. A bold statement, sure, but after reading these quotes, I bet you'll agree.

Grab a tissue, it's about to get too cute to bear.

When she stated that they're both Mr. and Mrs. Independent.
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What happened to Miss Independent? Well, she's still here, folks. Just because Clarkson is a wife and mother doesn't mean she isn't any less herself. "I don’t depend on [my husband], and he doesn’t depend on me," she said at a Good Housekeeping luncheon, People reports. "We made our own way in our own right, and I think that’s what really helps [our marriage]."

When she revealed they keep things fun.
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It's common to fear that getting into a serious relationship will prompt your sex life to plummet. But that's not really true, and for these two, it just isn't an option. "I always swore ours would not be a relationship where we have to schedule sex," Clarkson told Redbook in 2015. "That is never going to happen."

Get it, girl. Get it.

When she revealed how high her standards were.
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You should never settle because you're single. Clarkson didn't, and she's happier for it. "I had a very high bar if I was going to date someone, because I have a great life," she said of her single life during a 2016 appearance on The View. "And I'm like, if I'm going to add someone to it, you're going to have to bring something. But he's amazing."

Never settle for less than what you deserve!

When she explained that it was love at first sight — for her, at least.
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Explaining how they first met, Clarkson said that she knew from the get-go they were meant to be. "We were just in a room together, and then he came up and said he was from the same hometown as me and I was like, 'Oh we're so getting married,' I was so that girl," Clarkson said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest in October 2012, according to E! News. "When he became single, I was on the prowl."

When you know, you know.

When she explained why they were taking it slow.
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In addition to telling the sweet story of how they got together, Clarkson also told Seacrest the personal reason they weren't moving too fast. "We're taking it slow, and we're enjoying each other," she said. "I'm from a family of broken marriages, but we will definitely break that trend one day. I'm completely head over heels for him. He knows that."

When she gushed about how much she loves her family.
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Ugh, is there anything sweeter than a doting father or mother? "Watching my husband love on his daughter all the time, you know, go to her events and just be there and, like, be present is hard to watch but beautiful to watch," she told Seacrest. "I know that my kids are going to have that. Y'all are totally going to make me cry on this interview. I'm so glad you can't see me."

Oh, and they have plenty of chemistry.
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If you were worried that Clarkson wasn't enjoying married life, don't be! Clearly, these two aren't fizzling out. "This isn't a downer to anybody I dated before him, but I'm just going to be real: I never felt like, honesty, sexually attracted to anybody before him," she said at a private show for SiriusXM listeners back in 2017, according to People. "And I'm not downing my exes. You know, everybody's different. But there was something about him."

They're simply meant to be.
kellyclarkson on Instagram

"I was single for, like, ever," she revealed to USA Today in October 2017. "But once I found someone I fell in love with — we've been together four years — honestly, it still feels like the first week. We're just still crazy about each other... and we have a great team, I know we're going to be great parents. We were really adamant — our kids go to bed at a certain time every night, and then it's our time."

Ugh, they really are the cutest couple, aren’t they? They’re low-key, sweet, totally devoted to each other and their kids, and they seem to have a lot of respect for each other, which is so important. Here's hoping these two never Breakaway from each other. (Sorry. Had to.)

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