Here's What Prince William & Kate Middleton's Most Recent Body Language Says About Their Love

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So much is happening with the royal family in the next few months, and I can hardly contain myself. I mean, Kate Middleton is literally about to give birth to baby number three in five seconds, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are about to tie the knot with the wedding of my dreams, and Queen Elizabeth is just out there existing and loving Gucci loafers. It is impossible not to be obsessed with this family — especially Kate and William's seemingly perfect relationship. Though we don't know much about the relationship itself, Kate Middleton and Prince William's body language gives us a sneak peek into the true connection they have.

Of course, there's no telling what happens with the two behind closed doors (IDK their life, OK?), the little moments in which we see them interact publicly reveal a lot more than you might think they do. To gain some insight, I spoke to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, about what we can glean from William and Kate's most recent body language during Kate's last public outing. And considering what Brown had to say, you'll want a relationship like this.

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In the above photo, Brown notes that we see William clasp his hands in front of him. "The way he's doing it signifies that he's hopeful about a positive outcome," she says. "But about what? We don't know where they're going or what he and Kate are talking about."

Brown suggests there could be a number of things for which William is hoping for a positive outcome: the event, the baby he and Kate are expecting, for this event to end so he and Kate can get back to their ~alone time~. Ultimately, we'll never know, but my money's on that last one.

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In this next photo of the couple, Brown points out that the two are "in step and their arms and hands are positioned similarly." WTF does that mean? IT MEANS THEY'RE IN LOVE, PEOPLE. (OK, it just means they're in sync.) And according to Brown, we see this from the couple a lot. "This is typical of what we see from them, and [it's] so refreshing to see a couple that's totally supportive of each other and on the same page," she says. "There's no controversy here!"

We also see "William leading Kate just a bit" in the above photo, which Brown says is also typical of the couple's body language. "He's just a tad more in the spotlight — which is what [we'd] expect," she says. "He is in line to be king!"

But let it be known that this does not indicate that Kate is subordinate or uncomfortable being in the spotlight. "She's not hiding behind him," Brown continues. "She has her own presence — that's why we love her — but still supports him fully."

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A couple who laughs together stays together, amirite? Well, according to Brown, that might actually be the case for William and Kate. Basically, the above picture of the two genuinely laughing at something together bodes well for the couple. "We see them laughing at the same time and completely focusing their energy and attention at their appearances on the same thing," she says. "They're a team to the core!"

A team, indeed. Just one look at the ease and comfort with which William and Kate interact makes me want to watch 15 romantic movies in a row. I don't even like romantic movies. Here's hoping the connection between these two lovebirds stays as strong as my obsession with the royal family.

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