Karlie Kloss & Josh Kushner's Astrological Compatibility Says Good Things About Their Love

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In July 2018, Karlie Kloss and successful financial advisor Joshua Kushner (aka the best Kushner — White House advisor Jared is his older brother) announced their engagement. I didn’t even know these two were a thing until the news broke, but now that I'm up to date, I'm totally rooting for them. They both seem to be totally devoted to one another, and actually pretty woke. The question is, is this a love that's built to last? Here's what we know based on Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner's astrological compatibility.

But before we get into that, let's quickly cover this couple's background, for folks like me who are still playing a bit of catch-up on this love story. Rumors that these two were dating began back in November 2012, when Kloss took Kushner as her date to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after party. How exactly they originally met is unknown, but on June 8, 2016, she posted an Insta of them, with a caption saying it was the four year anniversary of when they met. The couple continued to date quietly for six years, making the occasional appearance together at the U.S. Open, Coachella, or just being adorable together on social media — oh, and at the March For Our Lives protest (Kushner also attended the Women’s March) in Washington D.C. Neither voted for Trump — so yeah, that should be fun at Thanksgiving!

But the biggest news yet came in July, when the couple announced they were engaged. While things are looking bright (and no I'm not just talking about the shine of Kloss’ unbelievable engagement ring), what does their future bode? To answer that question, we're looking to the stars. Kloss was born Aug. 3, which makes her a Leo, and Kushner was born June 12, under the sign of Gemini. How compatible are Leo and Gemini, and, by extension, Kloss and Kushner? Let’s just say these two have a very good chance of going the distance. Here’s what we know about this combo.

They share the same passion for life.
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Gemini and Leo are very much in sync when it comes to how they view life and their futures. They both approach every day with a sense of joy and excitement. Most of all, they both just want to have fun. So, when Leo and Gemini come together, it can really feel like they've found their match. Leo wants to feel adored, and Gemini’s gift for flattery and communication can give them what they need. Leo on the other hand, admires Gemini's wit and intellect, which is the best way to validate a Gemini and make them happy. They also share the same optimism and ambition, which means that they're on the same page about long term goals, which in turn bodes well for a successful and happy future.

They both have healthy communication skills.
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All successful relationships are built on a foundation of strong and healthy communication, which is an area where both Leo and Gemini excel. Leo is ruled by the Sun (reason) and Gemini is ruled by Mercury (communication), so when problems arise, they work through their issues by talking them out — sometimes heatedly. Which is good, because both signs tend to really know their own minds and can be stubborn when they think they're right.

Where these two signs struggle.
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Both Leo and Gemini are highly ambitious, go-getter signs. While this means that they can both understand where the other is coming from, it can create friction if both parties get so focused on building their own empire that they let their relationship fall by the wayside — or they start spending too much time apart. The key is to remember that your partner can be your partner in all things, even if that role is just cheering one another on from the sidelines. So long as they remember to loop each other in and carve out some quality time to stay centered in the relationship, they will be unstoppable.

The other potentially major stumbling block this couple needs to be on the lookout for is jealousy. Gemini can be a bit of flirt, and while that feels harmless and meaningless to them, Leo sees it very differently. For Leo, all amorous attention should stay on them and anything else can feel like a betrayal.

The sexual chemistry is fire.
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One area this couple doesn’t need any help on is in the bedroom, because their chemistry is lit. For Gemini, it's all about mental stimulation to get them excited, and Leo’s boundless energy and willingness to get, ahem, ~creative~ is exactly what they need. It also helps Gemini break out of any shame or shyness, so they're able to really connect with their partner in a way they usually can't with some other signs. This creates a really intense amount of gratitude and appreciation for their partner (which is exactly what Leo craves), so when they come together, they really come together — if you know what I’m sayin’.

This is a very compatible astrological combination. They both approach life in a playful way, full of optimism and with no shortage of passion. What that means for Kloss and Kushner — and for people like me that ship them hard — is that they have a really excellent chance of going the distance. Yay!

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