This New Spicy Cerveza Is A Tex-Mex Beer That Really Brings The Heat

Courtesy of Karbach Brewing Co.

OK I don't know about you, but I am so over this nasty cold weather. There is truly nothing more emotionally taxing than zipping up that puffy jacket when it's almost April, and more importantly, I am so done with drinking inside. Spring and summer are prime for enjoying your favorite drinks in the sunshine, and this year, Karbach Brewing Co. released two new sips that will bring your warm weather sipping to a whole new level. If you already haven't tried Karbach Brewing Co.'s new Hella Chela Spicy Cerveza and Cherry Limeade Radler, both are about to completely heat up those happy hours.

In case you aren't already familiar with Karbach Brewing Co., it's a Houston-based brewery that's about to change the game with some sweet new beers. According to the Texan brewhouse, their latest creations are called the Cherry Limeade Radler and the Hella Chela Spicy Cerveza. Both were released in March 2019 and cost anywhere between $8.99 and $9.99 for a six-pack, which really isn't too shabby for a craft brew.

Karbach's Cherry Limeade Radler combines sweet flavors of cherry and sour notes of lime, and it's considered to be a "golden beer" according to the brand. It's perfect to tote along on any adventure, whether you're doing work around the house, going to the beach, or embarking on a journey through the woods. The best part is that its ABV is relatively low — at just 3.5 percent, it's super refreshing and light. You can now find it in major retailers throughout the Southeast region of the U.S.

Courtesy Of Karbach Brewing Co.

Next up is Karbach's Hella Chela Spicy Cerveza, which, according to the brewery, is a Tex-Mex creation combining strong flavors of citrus and spice. While some beer out there is deceptively labeled as "spicy," this one combines lime, grapefruit, pepper sauce, and spice, which bring an unusual amount of heat to each and every can. The name of this one translates "a lot of cerveza," so the bottom line is you'll probably want to have a glass of water nearby. You can now find it in major retailers throughout Texas, and keep in mind that it's set to be available year-round.

Courtesy Of Karbach Brewing Co.

While both of these beers have made it to the top of my shopping list, there's another drink on the market that's sure to add a little spark to pregames nationwide called the Kahlua Espresso Style Martini. You can buy it in a four-pack of ready-to-drink cans, which combine Kahlua, coffee, and vodka. They have a relatively strong ABV of 4.5 percent per serving, and you can find them at select retailers nationwide this spring 2019 (so hopefully soon!). Honestly, if you're a #SleepyGal like I am, these will come in clutch for each and every one of those late night gatherings.

I don't want to pick any favorites in the realm of brews, but if I'm being completely honest, it looks like Karbach Brewing Co. is the real MVP of 2019. Both the Cherry Limeade Radler and the Hella Chela Spicy Cerveza are glorious summer sips, and if you ask me, each of them are going to revolutionize every rooftop happy hour, backyard party, and springtime barbecue these next few months. Cheers!