Kanye West Reportedly Spent $14 Million On This Lavish Christmas Gift For Kim K

Jenny Anderson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Christmas is one of my all-time favorite holidays. There's always a cheerful spirit in the air, and getting together with family to celebrate with a drink and good food is just the perfect kind of get together for me. And, of course, receiving presents from the people you love doesn't hurt, either. Typically, I'm happy with a few items of clothing and some books, and maybe a piece of jewelry — nothing too fancy, but totally more than enough. So when I heard Kanye West's Christmas gift for Kim Kardashian, my jaw nearly hit the floor because it's that extravagant, you guys. We're not talking about a luxury car or a set of diamond earrings — we're talking about a gift that cost MILLIONS of dollars. Plural.

According to TMZ, the "I Love It" rapper decided to gift his wife a "mega-unit in a super, super exclusive Miami Beach condo building, dubbed 'Billionaire Beach Bunker.'" The building, which is 18 stories, is said to be occupied by the wealthy and rich, which isn't all that surprising, but the price tag will probably make your eyes pop out of your head. So, how much did the condo cost? Oh, you know, just a casual $14 million, no big deal.


TMZ was told that West checked out the condo while visiting Miami for Art Basel, and it was a complete surprise to Kim, who never saw the space before. Yep, Yeezy surprised his wife on Christmas morning with an absurdly expensive pad, and I feel lucky when I get a $10 Starbucks gift card in my stocking.

The site notes that the condo is 4,700 square feet and has four bedrooms, five and a half baths, and a huge outdoor terrace. The building itself has a gym, pool, and spa, and is, of course, right on the beach. Basically, Kim's Christmas present this year is everyone's dream home.

But hey, it looks like Yeezy got the condo for a steal at $14 million, considering the initial listing was originally $15.5 million. Perhaps Kanye West is not just a talented rapper, but also a really good haggler?

Eh. Probably not.

Anyway, the pair is set to close on the property in January, meaning 2019 is going to be extra fancy for the Kardashian West family (as if they weren't fancy enough before).

Say what you want, though, because this little family melts my heart (no matter how many houses they can casually afford to buy). Case in point: Kim Kardashian's family Christmas photo, featuring herself, Kanye, and their three children, North, Saint, and Chicago:

I mean, come on. How much more perfect can this portrait get? We've got North looking all grown up (let's not look over the fact that she's pulling off red lipstick better than I ever could), Saint looks beyond happy in a smiling Kanye West's arms, and Kim is holding little Chi, who is just too precious. Oh, and let's talk about the all-white backdrop, which was part of Kim and Kanye's extravagant Christmas Eve party, where they basically turned their home into a winter wonderland.

Who knows, maybe next year, they'll host a similar party in their swanky Miami condo. When you're a Kardashian, anything goes.