Kahlúa's new Nitro Cold Brew Cans feature rum and 100% Arabica cold brew.

Kahlúa Is Selling New Nitro Cold Brew Canned Cocktails Made With Rum

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Kahlúa

Iced coffee is always a good bet in the summer, and now you can cool off with a chilled caffeinated sip that has a little kick to it. Kahlúa's new Nitro Cold Brew canned cocktail is the newest ready-to-drink offerings from the coffee liqueur company, and it'll perk you up during your next happy hour. Here's everything you need to know about Kahlúa's latest product.

Kahlúa's coffee cocktail with Nitro Cold Brew hit the shelves on Wednesday, July 1. The newest alcoholic beverage in the brand's lineup is made with rum, coffee liqueur, and 100% Arabica cold brew coffee that's steeped for at least 18 hours. Given that it's a cold brew, it's best served chilled. And don't let the name on the can fool you, this isn't your regular cold brew — each 200-milliliter can has a 4.5% ABV. So it's best to treat this caffeinated cocktail as you would any other alcoholic beverage, and drink responsibly.

When it comes to sipping this new drink, you can count on the can's nitro widget to help you get that foamy goodness that makes nitro cold brew your go-to. The can's widget design forces bubbles to the surface of the can as soon as it's opened, which gives the drink a distinctive creamy foam just like a classic nitro cold brew.

If you're 21 years old or older, you can snag a four-pack for $9.99 at nationwide retailers, including Kroger, Albertsons, Total Wine, and more. Since it's not a limited-edition item, you can look forward to enjoying Kahlúa's Nitro Cold Brew Cocktail even after the summer is over.

Courtesy of Kahlúa

Kahlúa's new Nitro Cold Brew Cocktail complements another of the brand's canned sips: the Kahlúa Espresso Martini, which was launched in 2019. The ready-to-drink cocktail features a combination of Kahlúa, coffee, and vodka. They're sold in packs of four and each can has a 4.5% ABV. The brand recommends serving your Kahlúa Espresso Martini by pouring it a glass and sipping it right away. After you open it, there will be creamy foam at the top, thanks again to the nitro widget.

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