Justin Timberlake’s "Man Of The Woods" Music Video Stars Jessica Biel & It's Too Cute


Justin Timberlake's newest album is here! And he just released the titular song's music video and you're going to love it. Justin Timberlake's "Man of the Woods" music video stars Jessica Biel and it's stupid cute. The whole music video is Timberlake dancing through the woods and in a cabin dancing with Jessica Biel, and the only word I can use to describe it is "giddy." The man is literally giddy while frolicking through the woods. Jessica Biel did that.

While we already know Man of the Woods is actually the meaning of his son's name (Silas), the actual song "Man of the Woods" is all about Biel and their relationship. The most common line throughout the song is "I brag about you to anyone outside," and he basically spends the whole song singing about how proud he is to be married to Biel. The song is super sexual, too. Like, I'm pretty sure he's singing about them having sex that everyone can hear at more than one part of the song. It's already a new Justin Timberlake classic.

Timberlake released the "Man of the Woods" music video when the whole album dropped on Friday, Feb. 2.

justintimberlakeVEVO on YouTube

And yes, fans love it.

The song starts off with the chorus that goes:

The first verse goes:

The pre-chorus goes:

Then the chorus comes back in:

Then the second verse comes in:

Then comes the pre-chorus again:

And the chorus:

Then the bridge gets even cuter:

The chorus comes in one last time before the song closes out with:

This isn't the only appearance Biel makes on Man of the Woods. Nope, she legit has her own song. It's called "Hers (Interlude)" (because we all know Justin Timberlake can't get through an album without having at least one song that is an "interlude"). She also appears on the last song on the album, "Young Man," along with their son, Silas. Silas (the ~man of the woods~ himself) can be heard trying to say "dada" in the beginning of the song and then saying "I love you, Daddy," at the end. It's as cute as it sounds.