Justin Bieber Shared A Throwback Photo With Hailey Baldwin Ahead Of Their Wedding

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It seems like just yesterday that the news of Justin Bieber's marriage to Hailey Baldwin broke. But actually, that was back in Sept. 2018, and now it's been over a year since the pair got married in a quiet courthouse ceremony in New York. The celeb couple is about to hold another wedding, shortly after their one-year-anniversary on Sept. 13, but that isn't without Justin showing some appreciation of their relationship to the world. And I've got to say, Justin Bieber's throwback Instagram with Hailey Baldwin is super precious.

Honestly, no one was sure at first if the couple had gotten married in secret, or if they were just obtaining a marriage license for a later ceremony. The rumors first sparked Sept. 13, 2018, when several eyewitnesses reported seeing the two in the suspicious location, along with TMZ's photo release of Bieber and Baldwin outside a courthouse. Once everyone figured it out, fans got super emotional over Bieber's marriage.

Well, if this Insta photo isn't enough to bring back the feels, then who knows what is. Bieber's Instagram post isn't just about appreciating his wife of one year, though. The singer posted it in anticipation for their second marriage, wishing to show just how much their relationship has grown from the day they first met. Yep, Justin and Hailey are getting married... again. This time, though, the ceremony won't be so hush-hush.

Justin Bieber/Instagram

Fans are not the only ones freaking out over how cute this throwback photo of the couple is. Even Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, commented on the photo, saying, "Oh my heart ... How adorable!" Bieber's mom seems to be gearing up for the ceremony, too. Some of her tweets on Twitter suggest how excited she is to see this ceremony, which is rumored to happen this weekend.

People reported Bieber's second marriage news back in August, as a source close to Bieber confirmed that Bieber and Baldwin would "have a religious ceremony next month in front of their friends and family." Now, the release of this Insta photo suggests Justin's excitement about the upcoming vow exchange that will be held in South Carolina. People was also able to get a statement from another Bieber source who revealed how special the event is to the young couple. “They are both beyond excited ... They are happy that they are finally having a religious ceremony. It’s very special for them.”

Hailey Baldwin celebrated the upcoming second marriage with a bachelorette party on Wednesday, Sept. 25. Some fun photos were posted to Baldwin's official Instagram account, as well as by some of her celeb friends that attended the shindig.

Baldwin did say that marriage has been a bit of an adjustment for her, though. But that's to be expected, especially since she was only 21 when she tied the knot. The model elaborated a bit in an interview with Vogue Australia, responding to her previous interview statement that "marriage was hard." Baldwin told the magazine: "I had never lived with someone before. I never had to cohabit with somebody in that way, so I was learning how to share space with someone for the first time. We were trying to bend in each other’s direction and learn what was comfortable.”

Obviously, something is going right if they've made it this far and still look so happy. Keep your eyes out for more adorable throwback photos, and those second wedding pics that I'm sure will be flooding your feeds.