Thank You, Justin Bieber, For This Hot AF Shirtless Selfie

by Jamie LeeLo
Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Is it just me or is Justin Bieber getting his groove back? After taking a long break out of the limelight to work on himself, Biebs is slowly, but surely, making his way back into the music scene, cutting his hair, and undressing. Objectively, those are three of Beliebers favorite things that man can do. Recently, Bieber stripped down to post a smoldering photo on social media that has his fans salivating. Frankly, it feels like Justin Bieber's shirtless selfie is the gift the world needed to get it's groove back, too.

I like to think of Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein commercial period as his tattoo-bodied heyday. Those ads were full of slow-motion shots of this kid's ripped superstar body. For a long time, he's been covering up in oversized sweatshirts and hoodies, but fans all know that underneath these smiley-faced DREW t-shirts is a raging six-pack. Let's be real, Justin. Some beauty you just can't contain.

On July 23, he gave us not one but, two shirtless selfies on Instagram. Sure, they are mainly from his ribcage up, but fans will take it. The first was a moody vignetted shot proudly featuring his left pectoral lion tattoo. Brace yourselves, fam.

Bieber didn't caption the photo, because I'm guessing he knew that no caption was necessary. I'll take it at face value, and his fans definitely agree. That picture earned nearly 5 million likes in just one day. (A little thirsty, folks?)

The second picture popped up shortly after. This one was more of a closeup of Bieber's face, iced out grill, new eyebrow piercing, and right pectoral bear tattoo. Again, no caption included — but I think that new eyebrow piercing speaks for itself as well.

Even though there's no technical message on this one, I'm still receiving the message loud and clear. Ya know?

If you want more where that came from, here's a slow-motion shirtless action video of Bieber absolutely nailing the #BottleCapchallenge.

Frankly, there's more where that came from. Bieber also posted two pictures of himself and his wife Hailey Baldwin in his music studio where she is lounging all over her skin-baring hubby. This just confirms that not only is shirtless Justin back, but hopefully, so is more Justin Bieber music.

I remember the Belieber dark ages of 2016 when Bieber went completely ghost on Instagram in response to trolls harassing his then-boo Sofia Richie (yeah, that was a loooooong time ago). Obviously, a lot has changed, like, Richie is dating Scott Disick and oh, I don't know... Bieber is a married man, now!

Most recently, Bieber has collaborated with both Ed Sheeran on their hit song "I Don't Care" and with Lil Dicky in his rallying cry music video for the song "EARTH." Biebs has also teased that new music is on its way, and fans just need to keep their pants on in the meantime. (Figuratively and literally, though it's hard to do that looking at these pics.)

It's great having you and your pecs back, Bieber. Keep it coming.