Justin Bieber’s New Album Won’t Be Pop, Bieber is calling it R&B.

Justin Bieber’s New Album Is Not Pop Music, So Get Ready For Some R&Bieber

With Justin Bieber set to release a new full-length album in 2020 for the first time since his Purpose album of 2015, it's no wonder that Forbes is naming it one of the most anticipated pop albums of 2020. The publication tweeted about the upcoming album, but TBH, it looks like the Biebs doesn't quite agree with this statement. It's not that he's questioning his popularity, though. Rather, he took to Twitter to let them know that Justin Bieber's new album won't be pop.

With his "Yummy" music video making its debut on Saturday, Jan. 4, fans have already gotten the chance to hear a song off of the highly-anticipated album. However, Bieber doesn't seem to want Beliebers, or anyone else, calling this album pop.

The original tweet that provoked a response from Bieber was from @JBieberCharts. The account that focuses on posting news about Bieber on the charts, said: "@Forbes names @justinbieber's fifth studio album as one of the most anticipated pop albums of 2020."

However, Bieber was quick to correct both Forbes and the fan account, replying simply: "Not pop. r&bieber." He also tagged Poo Bear, one of the producers involved in making the album.

Rumor has it that the album is dropping in March, which makes sense, as Bieber's official tour date announcement says the tour starts in May. TMZ says that his new album is set to have songs featuring artists like Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Kehlani, which is a pretty well-rounded roster.

His new "Yummy" music video is catching on fire, in the meantime, with over 400,000 views shortly after its debut. The video is an indulgent, lavish scene with tons of wacky food choices and Bieber all clad in pink from his hair to his shirt.

The album still does not have an official title, but since Bieber got a new tattoo, people are guessing that it could reveal the name.

Bieber posted a photo of a new neck tattoo that reads, "Forever," on Dec. 6, which began to spark some interesting fan theories, especially after TMZ spurned on the speculation. Due to Bieber's history of getting his album names inked on his body, as he did with his "Purpose" and "Believe" tats, it feels like a legit possibility that Forever will be the title of his new album.

Furthermore, a Dec. 23 Instagram post from Bieber made it seem even more reputable, with fans seeing the word "Forever" written all over the piano in the photo.

Whatever the album title will be, you can be sure the genre won't be "pop" according to Bieber, so fans better get used to calling it R&Bieber.