These Zodiac Signs Are Going To Have It So Good This Week

Ah, the warm, refreshing waters of Cancer season. Are you feeling more soulful in your life? A spike in your intuitive power? Compassionate towards the people you love? It's true what they say about Cancer being an emotional zodiac sign, but let's take away the negative connotations to that, shall we? Cancer season is being surrounded by love. It's poetry swarming your heart. It's tears of joy. There are so many reasons why June 24, 2019 will be the best week for these zodiac signs, and Cancer season is the biggest one. Jump for joy if you've got your sun or rising sign in Cancer, Leo, or Pisces, because this week is going to give you all the positive feels.

Aside from how spiritually invigorating it is to have the sun in Cancer, expect a blast of artistic thinking to rule your mind this week. Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — is moving into fiery, confident, and theatrical Leo, instilling within you a desire to express yourself and get up on stage. This energy will give you the freedom to be creative, animated, and filled with unapologetic self-love. Plus, you'll feel all the more proud of your true, intrinsic self when the sun forms a gorgeous and revealing sextile with Uranus, planet of rebellion and individuality. Look inside yourself and discover what you've been dying to show the world. It doesn't matter how you're judged or what people think. The right people — the people who relate to what you're saying — will always find you.

Read on to find out why this week will feel so good for the following signs:

Cancer: You're Feeling Confident And Full Of Energy

The sun is in your first house of the self and it is filling you with love and light. Take a moment and think about just how much you've accomplished over the last year. Even if it doesn't look like it, you've made so many strides. Whether you've simply healed from pain, remained resilient, and learned a whole lot from your mistakes, those are still accomplishments and you deserve all the praise. Let this fill you with confidence and strength because there is so much waiting for you in the year to come.

Use time to pump yourself up, put yourself out there, and get motivated, because Mars is also energizing your first house of the self.

Leo: You're Thinking More Clearly And Feeling Productive

Who's that brainiac over there? That's you, Leo, because you're feeling so intelligent lately and everyone can see your wit from a mile away. Mercury is entering your first house of the self on June 26 and going to help you communicate your thoughts, lavish in your charisma, and tap into your chameleon powers. You can work your way through any puzzle during this time so use that buzzing head of yours to get a whole lot of stuff done.

With Venus in your 11th house of community, you're feeling more connective and cooperative than usual, so unleash your social butterfly to bring people together.

Pisces: You're Experiencing A Creative Resurgence

Live it up, Pisces, because both the sun and Mars are in your fifth house of pleasure, art, and expression. There's no better time to turn up the music, splatter some paint onto a canvas, ride a rollercoaster, and get in touch with the little kid inside of you. This is when you're reminded that life is meant to be enjoyed and it's one of the most romantic times of your year. Your only job is to make sure you're having fun.

However, take care when Venus forms a square to Neptune, which happens to be in your first house of the self, on June 24. This could leave you feeling overly critical towards yourself.