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If You're 1 Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, June 15 Might Be An Overwhelming Week


Brace yourselves, because it's going to be one intense week in astrology. As you pack up Gemini season and ready yourself for June 20 — when Cancer season begins — the transition might be more overwhelming than you originally expected. Let's not forget you're still in the dark shadow of eclipse season and it's encouraging you to take very big steps in your life in a very short span of time. If you're an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, unfortunately, June 15, 2020 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, but it's preparing you for something big. Trust in the process.

This isn't just your typical Cancer season; this particular season continues the thread of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses that began back in 2018. This brings the Cancerian energy to a head, emphasizing whatever this zodiac sign means to you on a level that is way beyond ordinary. A solar eclipse on June 21 is encouraging you to take the next big step in a journey that has been continually transforming your life. The universe has a plan and you are its vessel. Take a deep breath and believe in what the cosmos have in store.

As if a solar eclipse wasn't enough of a major occurrence, Mercury retrograde will also begin on June 18. While Mercury retrograde certainly gets a bad rap, it's an opportunity for review, reflection, and revisiting. While it certainly makes it harder to get motivated and it's difficult for a new project to stick during this time, Mercury retrograde allows you to take stock of where you are in your life and correct course. With the solar eclipse raining down heavy realizations and dramatic chances, Mercury retrograde will temper and soften the speed in which you receive them.


Aries: You're Feeling Majorly Sensitive To The Energy Of The World

It's as if your guard is being lowered and you can't help but deeply feel everything that is happening around you. Distracting yourself from your emotions and from the energy of the world will be more challenging than usual, so trust that this will eventually pass. You're understanding what your heart feels, what it needs, and how you can use it not only improve your life, but also heal others. Embrace empathy, because it's opening you up to new perspectives and showing you what you're capable of.

Leo: You're Undergoing Intense Intuitive And Spiritual Downloads

If you feel somewhat disconnected from the world and your instinct is to withdraw into your shell and be alone with your feelings, don't be surprised. You're currently existing on a beautiful plane of spirituality; a place where others may find it hard to reach you. However, existing on such a different level isn't as celestial or bright as one might think. You're opening yourself up to subconscious fears and difficult memories that have allowed those fears to form in the first place. Now you're learning how to overcome these fears by transforming it to strength.

Sagittarius: You're Recognizing Something Needs To Change

You might be feeling incredibly restless right now, as if you're so much farther behind from where you'd like to be in life. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and before you can begin conquering the world, it's time to identify which habits, behaviors, and thought patterns have been holding you back from taking steps in the right direction. Before you set such high expectations for yourself, give yourself time to unlearn everything preventing you from moving forward. Don't forget each small victory is something to be celebrated right now.