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The Week Of July 29 Will Feel Like A Breath Of Fresh Air For These Zodiac Signs


I want you to pat yourself on the back because you're just about to survive the astrological storm that was July 2019. Not only has Mercury been retrograde, but you endured two major eclipses that stirred up some serious change in your life. If I can promise you one thing now that you're out of the thick of it, it's this: Everything's going to get a lot easier from here on out. It's time to put away your box of tissues, let go of whatever's bothering you, and dive into the new opportunities you've been given, especially because July 29, 2019 will be the best week for these zodiac signs, and it's all thanks to Leo season.

Mercury will finally station direct on July 31, which will begin to close the chapter of this very strange and confusing time. Hopefully, you used Mercury retrograde's introspective energy to review, revisit, and reassess the issues taking up space in your life. Since Mercury retrograde has the effect of intensifying the nostalgia and encouraging you to dream of the past, you'll soon be able to see the future more clearly again. If the people and ideas you were longing for during Mercury retrograde are still on your mind in the next few weeks, it's a huge sign your feelings were genuine.

You can also use a bright and shiny new moon in Leo on July 31 to set powerful intentions and invite self-love into your life. Now's the time to put your needs first and worship yourself with all the attention you deserve. Live your life on your own terms.

If your sun or rising sign happens to fall under Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you're in for a gorgeous week. Here's why:

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Aries: You're Embracing A Jolt Of Creativity And Passion

Both the sun and Venus are in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, which basically means you're letting go of your worries and indulging in the splendors of life. You're feeling more romantic lately and in the mood to spread your heart out to the world around you. You're in love with the world and the world loves you right back.

However, the sun and Venus will also form a square with Uranus this week. This means some unexpected conflicts could take place that challenge your love life, as well as your ability to find artistic footing. Trust that this is a source of inspiration in the end.

Leo: You're Being Revitalized With Confidence And Courage

You're the hottest person around lately and everyone is feeling gratified by your unapologetic love for yourself. With the sun and Venus in your first house of the self, you're taking charge of your life and doing whatever it is you want to do. It's time to let go of any expectations others may have of you and go with your heart. It will set you free.

You may behave in a somewhat unpredictable way or feel as if you can't control your feelings this week, however. As Uranus squares off with the sun and Venus, this could cause a bit of an earthquake in your reality. Just make sure you roll with the punches.

Sagittarius: It's Time To Expand Your Horizons And Fly Away

You're feeling energized about the future and your mind is opening like a door that has long been shut. You're seeing into the distance, revamping your perspective of life, and all you want to do is create new and beautiful experiences. The sun and Venus are in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, which will help you live your life to the fullest.

However, this doesn't mean the road to adventure won't be bumpy. With the sun and Venus forming a square with Uranus, there may be some unexpected detours that were never on your agenda. Try not to obsess over a specific destination.