July 22 Is Going To Be The Worst For These Zodiac Signs, But They Can Handle It

Are you in the mood for the good news first or the bad news? Let's go with the good news, because in my opinion, it carries much more weight. Those erratic and life-altering eclipses? They're finally behind you. Whatever changes that took place are finally starting to take shape and soon, you can start picking up the pieces. However, don't go thinking everything is set in stone just yet, because Mercury retrograde is still underway, and it shouldn't come as any surprise that July 22, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs. With Mercury in Cancer, it's bound to be a far more emotional and passive-aggressive ride.

I'm sure you've heard all about how Mercury retrograde can make you feel super nostalgic for the past, especially when it comes to your exes and old friends. With Mercury in dreamy and sentimental Cancer, that energy is only going to get turned up a notch, plus the fact that Mercury will be forming a conjunction with Venus on July 24. Since Venus is the planet of love and friendship, this is bound to leave you replaying memories of loved ones who are no longer in your life, possibly even leaving you questioning whether or not it you truly want them out of your life. Remember that reaching out to an ex may not always be a great idea. Sometimes the past truly should remain in the past.

If you've got your sun or rising sign in Gemini, Virgo, or Capricorn, however, you're feeling the feels this week. Here's why:

Gemini: You May Want To Reach Out To Someone You Shouldn't

You're feeling even chattier and brainier than usual now that the sun is in your third house of communication. While you love to get your intellect going, you might feel like you're all over the map with Mercury retrograde in your third house as well. Make sure to double check every document and proofread every email before hitting send. Also, take care to really think about whether or not you should reach out to someone you maybe shouldn't. If you still feel like reaching out after this retrograde is over, then that means something.

Regardless, the relationships that matter are receiving a boost when Mars and Jupiter form a trine this week. Let the cosmos work its magic.

Virgo: You're Feeling Very Secretive And In The Mood To Lurk

Since Mercury is in your 12th house of self-undoing and secret worlds, you're feeling less connected to reality and more in the mood to isolate yourself. While this is a beautiful time for some spiritual reflection, it can have the consequence of encouraging you to dig deeper into things you might not be ready to stomach. Mercury retrograde has the capacity to reveal information that may or may not be true, so keep that in mind when you're lurking your ex's page or listening to gossip.

You're being emotionally cared for when Mars and Jupiter form a trine. Let this bring comfort to your heart. Trust that you are loved.

Capricorn: You're Yearning For Passion And Feeling Dissatisfied

You're coming away from a super intense partial lunar eclipse in your zodiac sign that likely revealed some dark truths about the way you've been living. If you've been reckoning with some harsh and sobering revelations, trust that everything will reach solid ground soon. In the meantime, remember that Mercury retrograde is taking place in your eighth house of death and rebirth, which is upping your emotional reflection and leaving you searching for depth. Remember, not everything is a deep as you think it is.

Luckily, you're reaching a place of spiritual peace when Mars and Jupiter form a trine this week. Look within yourself for that depth you've been searching for.