This Guy's Viral Text To His Girlfriend In The Shower Is So Unexpected, You'll LOL

by Annie Foskett
Stocksy/Guille Faingold + Twitter

Every once in a while, the internet flips out over something so entirely unimportant and minuscule that I auto-eye roll upon seeing the article's headline. But then I click on the link, read the story, and find my Grinchy heart warming. Maybe it's because I feel some strange solidarity with the masses? Maybe it's because it's nice not to be arguing over Kanye's tweets? Maybe it's because things go viral for a reason. They go viral because they are funny! Juan Ramos's text to Sarah Cintron definitely falls into that catetogory, and I'm here for it.

Who are Sarah Cintron and Juan Ramos, and why is this text going viral? Let me explain. Sarah Cintron and Juan Ramos are 19-year-old students at the University of Texas at El Paso who became internet famous after a text Ramos sent to Cintron went viral. Why did a regular old boyfriend-girlfriend text chain go viral? Because it involved a giant hair spike. Yes, I just said "giant hair spike." Still with me?

Here's how it all went down: on Wednesday, Cintron texted her boyfriend from the shower — from her iPhone X – letting him know that she was showering. He replied "oh nice" and then followed up with a particular request: "Send me a picture of your hair up in a giant spike lol."

Cintron Tweeted A Screenshot Of The Text Thread Out
sarahmcintron on Twitter

I think that Cintron's meme adjacent framing of the text thread as "Most guys: send noodes, My boyfriend: [text thread]" is why is went viral. The text itself is unique and refreshingly adorable, but her tweet really sealed the deal for me. It got over 563K retweets, so clearly people related to the giant spike...

And The Giant Spike Was An Instant Hit

When I first saw this tweet, I really wanted to understand what Ramos meant by "giant spike." But apparently, Cintron had sent him this non-nude before. And it is now her Twitter profile picture. I was impressed.

"She had sent a picture with her hair like that before and I thought it was so funny, so I asked her again just to get a good laugh and to make her laugh as well," Ramos told Buzzfeed News.

But Alas, Her New Shampoo Couldn't Manage The Spike This Time
Sarah plus Sebastian on YouTube

According to Buzzfeed News, Cintron texted Ramos that she was unable to recreate the spike for him because "the new shampoo doesn't do that :(." Apparently her new shampoo doesn't lather in the same way. Sad.

Side note — is it weird that now I really want to try to make this spike happen and take a picture of it? TBD if I will actually attempt...

Some People Were Super Confused At How She Took The Photo
sarahmcintron on Twitter

My immediate concern when I saw this viral tweet: WHY DID YOU BRING YOUR PHONE INTO THE SHOWER? But alas, I am a grandmother because apparently the iPhone X can go into the shower, just not the bathtub. Good to know.

Some People Were Amused By The "Send Noodes"
juuliaaa_xo on Twitter

At first, I also thought that Cintron's tweet said "send noodles" and I really enjoyed that. Are noodles the new nudes? And if not, can they be? I'd personally prefer to get ramen delivered to my door rather than a photo of my naked partner delivered to my phone, just saying.

In A Huge Bummer, Apparently Cintron Went Viral The Night Before Her Final
sarahmcintron on Twitter

Going viral is a treat, but having an early AM final the next day is not. Maybe the University at Texas at El Paso has a "she went viral" policy? Cintron and Ramos are bringing the school some sweet PR, after all.

I am now convinced that I want to find a partner who would pass the "spike test." Meaning, I need to find someone who I know would request a hair spike, or noodles, before nudes if I texted them from the shower. Thank you, Sarah and Juan, for helping me elevate my standards. And thank you for being so darn adorable.