Bachelor Nation Is Not Here For The Way Jordan Exploded At Jubilee & Chelsea

ABC/Paul Hebert

A lot of us have been here for Jordan's snarky one-liners on Bachelor in Paradise and over-the-top antics. But, unfortunately, he took it too far tonight after David pushed his buttons with Jenna. During Jordan's outburst at Chelsea and Jubilee, he claimed he didn't know Jubilee's name, and was calling her "Jubileen." David was sitting down, laughing with Chelsea, which apparently bothered Jordan enough to compare David to tires and himself to a Ferrari. Jordan then said, in an interview, that Chelsea and Jubilee aren't "ready for a man," and are thus, hanging out with David, who Jordan sees as a "boy."

Jordan's caught in a love triangle between himself, Jenna, and David. When David gifted Jenna a giant stuffed animal (much like the one Jordan gifted Annaliese earlier in the season), Jordan went ahead and tossed it in the ocean out of jealousy. Because like, d*mn, masculinity is so fragile. Jordan thinks that David was simply trying to "sabotage" his relationship with Jenna. That's what all women want to hear, right? That another man vying for our affections means he's really just trying to one-up another man.

So naturally, Jordan decides to lash out on other people in Paradise, because... he can't handle the competition? He's threatened by Jenna maybe having more feelings for David than him? It's not entirely clear, but if one thing is, it's that Jordan and David seem doomed to repeat their two-on-one love story again and again in Bachelor world.

Jordan proceeds to tell Jubilee and Chelsea that they're both envious. It seems that Jordan is telling these women they're jealous of him because he has a "relationship" in Paradise, and they don't. While that may be true, Jordan seems to be attacking these women out of nowhere and yelling at them for something pretty irrelevant to his actual concerns: that he thinks David is meddling with his love life yet again.

Jordan shouts off lines to the women like, "If you're envious, just be envious," and, "Do your gossip. You're envious, you want to hate, shut the f*ck up."

At first, Krystal was egging on Jordan, but after she hears him curse at the other women, she's no longer OK with it. Chelsea admits to feeling "weirded out" by Jordan's outburst, and Jubilee says she doesn't "understand why he's mad." Chelsea smartly observes that Jordan is really just hurt, and his outburst against her and Jubilee is just misplaced anger toward David and acting out on insecurity.

After Jordan asks the two women where their love connections are (how is that his business?), he says in an interview that he's been a "good guy" throughout Paradise. This somehow justifies lashing out on the women in his mind. Good behavior warrants yelling at women for no reason, got it.

Chelsea says in an interview that she's done nothing wrong to earn Jordan's judgment (true), and thinks he's acting out due to feeling insecure about his own relationship (also probably true).

In the end, though, Jordan really shouldn't care at all about what Jubilee and Chelsea think or say about his relationship — he should be more concerned with how Jenna is reacting to his outburst, and she's not impressed one bit. Jenna says that Jordan's outburst is disrespectful and stressing her out. After some time, Jordan apologizes to the group, and says he doesn't think they know about his history with David. No, they likely don't know his history with David, but he still shouldn't be screaming at women... because he is mad at David.

For now, Jordan and Jenna seem to be surviving on thin ice, since Jordan gives Jenna his rose, and she accepts. But, his outburst may be enough to end things for the two of them for good. We'll see if Jenna addresses this directly with Jordan next week, and if his outburst is something she can get over.