The 'Gay Of Thrones' Finale Recap Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Funny Or Die

One of the saddest parts about Game of Thrones being officially over after eight years is that Jonathan Van Ness' recap series Gay of Thrones has come to an end as well. But thankfully, we still have one final, hilarious episode to revel in before having to say goodbye to all of the wild nicknames. Jonathan Van Ness' Gay of Thrones finale recap is the perfect way to have one last laugh about Game of Thrones.

Spoiler alert: This post and the Gay of Thrones video contain spoilers about the series finale of Game of Thrones. For his final recap ever, Jonathan Van Ness invites comedian and writer Celeste Barber to join him in poking some fun at Drogon's intense chair hatred, Bran's problematic new nickname, and the fact that everyone in Westeros just ignored all the qualified women fit to rule and opted to elect a "baby goth pet psychic" instead.

The episode ends like all of them do, but there is a little extra scene at the end to make the finale extra special. All series long, Jonathan Van Ness has shouted his signature, Game of Thrones-inspired catchphrase "Where are my dragons?," and now he actually gets to find them. Jonathan's fellow members of the Queer Eye Fab Five — Tan France, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, and Antoni Porowski — guest star as four baby dragons waiting to be hatched from a giant dragon egg.

Check out the final episode of Gay of Thrones below:

Gay of Thrones has evolved a lot since the series first began, posting three- to four-minute video recaps of Game of Thrones during the HBO epic's third season. In the two-year break that Game of Thrones took before airing its eighth and final season, Jonathan Van Ness achieved a whole new level of fame from starring in Netflix's very successful Queer Eye reboot series. In its final run of episodes, Gay of Thrones has exponentially increased its episode length to upwards of nine minutes, and the show has attracted its most famous guest stars ever, such as Tiffany Haddish, Anna Faris, and Gabrielle Union.

So, is this really the last that we will ever see of Gay of Thrones? After all, HBO is cooking up a batch of Game of Thrones spinoffs, including a prequel series that is already in production. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Van Ness and the creative team behind Gay of Thrones revealed there have been discussions about going back to recap the first two seasons of the show, or reviving the show when the upcoming spinoff comes out. Van Ness said he feels that the team will have to get together for another similar project in the future:

Everyone's got things that they're going on to. It is fun to know that Gay of Thrones won't be the last time that you see me. But I feel like we have to do something else someday.

But for right now, this is goodbye to Gay of Thrones. Thankfully, you can always rewatch the whole series on Funny Or Die's YouTube account whenever you want.