JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers' Body Language Says Good Things About Their Future Together

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Anyone who watched season 12 of The Bachelorette knew pretty much from the start that there was really only one person for JoJo Fletcher, and that was Jordan Rodgers. Their chemistry was instantaneous and intense, and from the looks of it, they're still rock solid two years later. However, they haven't set a wedding date yet, so perhaps taking a closer look at JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers' body language can help us gather whether or not they're really heading for that fairytale ending we're all rooting for.

I reached out to body language expert Blanca Cobb for her take on Fletcher and Rodgers' body language over time. For instance, does she see a couple that's growing apart, or has the time they've spent together made them a solid couple? Are we safe to continue shipping them, or are we headed for inevitable disappointment and heartbreak? (Do I care about this too much? Do I need a Bachelor intervention? Moving on.) What I'm saying is that the stakes here are high, folks! So, to help answer these questions and more, Cobb took a look at images (and their proposal video!) of them from the past two years. Here's what she sees.

They feel safe and secure being affectionate with one another.
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What is readily apparent to anyone who watches this video is that these are two people who have really fallen in love. But Cobb picks up on some of the subtle body language cues that confirm what they are saying (a lot) — that they are in, indeed, in love. She points at the way Rodgers rubs Fletcher’s hands as he talks to her, telling Elite Daily, “his thumbs are rubbing across the tops of her hands as both a soothing gesture and a show of affection. When you’re nervous, your body finds a way to release the excess energy by engaging in self-soothing behaviors. It feels good and it has a calming effect.” Not only is he expressing his feelings for Fletcher with this touch, but it shows that it also makes him feel safe and secure to do so. Fortunately for Rodgers, Cobb notes that Fletcher reciprocates, saying “JoJo relishes the affection and she can’t keep her hands off of Jordan.”

Sept 2016: They want to be as close as possible.
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In September, a month after the finale aired, Cobb sees that their connection is still going strong. As evidence, she points to the way “Jordan leans toward the woman who’s captured his heart. The sides of their bodies are pressed closely together.” Cobb explains that “couples who are crazy about each other tend to get as close as possible. It’s a way to maintain an emotional connection.”

March 2017: They are territorial about one another.
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This photo, posted roughly six months later, shows a real comfort level between Fletcher and Rodgers — but no less passion. “Look at Jordan’s hand resting on the side of JoJo’s tush,” says Cobb. “It’s a territorial sign telling the world that his lady belongs to him.” For her part, Cobb notes Fletcher reciprocates with some territorial body language of her own, noting that “JoJo is keeping her man close with her arm around his shoulders. The way her legs are crossed — with the outside leg crossing over the inside leg — signals that she's not letting anything come in between her and Jordan.”

July 2017: They still can’t get enough of each other.
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That summer, the couple continued to show off a unified front, looking really happy and connected. Cobb confirms that this is a couple still very much in love, saying “Jordan can’t get enough of JoJo. He’s leaning over toward her with his arms wrapped around her.” Again, Fletcher returns the gesture. “JoJo’s grasp on his arm sends the message that she’s anchoring herself in his affection,” explains Cobb.

June 2018: They have forged a deep emotional connection.
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The most marked change in the couple's body language is in this image taken almost a year later. However, what Cobb sees actually bodes really well for this couple. She sees a duo that, over the course of time, have formed something deeper. Cobb says “JoJo and Jordan’s bodies say that they’re emotionally connected. Look at the way the sides of their bodies are seamed together.” Cobb specifically keys in on Rodgers' body language here, saying "with his thumb hanging on the outside of his jean's pocket, Jordan is feeling pretty confident.” This level of ease and confidence is the kind that comes with time and growing comfort in the relationship.

What’s Cobb’s overall assessment for this couple’s relationship? She keeps it short and oh-so-sweet, saying simply “based on these photos, JoJo and Jordan are still going strong.” So... I guess I can expect my wedding invite any day now, right?

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