John Cena ~Reignited~ His Friendship With BTS By Including Them In His New Movie

Kevin Mazur/BBMA18/WireImage/Getty Images

John Cena knows talent when he sees it — and isn't shy about gushing over a boyband. The WWE-turned-movie star has been outspoken about his love for BTS, and just announced that he included their music in his new film, so ARMYs, listen up. John Cena's tweet about featuring BTS' "Fire" in Playing With Fire is the sweetest thing.

"I’ve said before, I admire the message @bts_bighit sends thru music. @BTS_ARMY you’ll hear some familiar 'Fire' in #PlayingWithFireMovie OUT FRIDAY!" Cena tweeted. "Thank you @andyfickman for using a favorite song of mine! (Only because RM wears jorts in the video.)"

While Cena including BTS' music in his movie is a nice surprise for ARMYs, his gushing about them certainly is not. Cena has shared his passion for BTS multiple times in the past, proving he's a proud friend, despite not meeting RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook IRL yet.

"I'm petitioning to kinda be their secret bodyguard," Cena teased while talking to ET in January 2019. "I'm currently doing some business in China, and China's really close to Korea, so you never know what can happen."

Cena also dished on how he first became a BTS stan — and it has a lot to do with their loyal ARMYs. "When I became aware of the BTS phenomenon, it hit me by storm," Cena told ET. "I listen to their music. I enjoy their music. But I really enjoy the following and the passion they create. I think that that's something special."

And then there was this adorable video, where BTS spoke about Cena's support.

Of course, Cena responded to the group's question about him being ARMY.

In March 2018, Cena even gave a shoutout to BTS while he hosted the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

ARMYs are thrilled that Cena is continuing his BTS love-fest by including their song "Fire" in his new movie, and they flooded Cena's Twitter page with messages of appreciation.

The cutest, right? This is truly the famous friendship I didn't know I needed until now, and I'll be watching as it continues to flourish.