Joe & Sophie's Reactions To Shamila's Almost-Kiss At The VMAs Was The Same As Yours

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are the internet personified. The newlyweds appeared at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, along with Nick, Kevin, and Danielle Jonas, and when the Jonas Brothers weren't busy performing or accepting the award for Best Pop Video for "Sucker," they were busy fangirling over other artists' performances with Turner and Jonas. Let's be clear, the entire damn arena and internet were freaking out over Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's performance, but nothing beats Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's reaction to Shawn and Camila's VMAs performance. More specifically, that almost-kiss seen 'round the world. Wow. What a moment.

The Jonas Brothers gave an awesome performance of "Sucker" and "Only Human" during the VMAs last night. They didn't perform live from the arena, however. They performed at the legendary Stone Pony at Asbury Park in New Jersey, where a lot of famous musicians are Jersey born and bred performed — and where the Jo Bros did some of their earliest performances. (The VMAs really leaned into the New Jersey-ness of the show, paying homage to famous New Jersey landmarks and even closing out the show with a performance from Jersey-born musicians like Queen Latifah, Fetty Wap, and Ice T.)

When they weren't performing, the Jonas Brothers, along with two of the three J-Sisters, partied in the audience. And they were literally all of us when Mendes and Cabello, who are reportedly dating, kept teasing viewers with almost-kisses.

Joe Jonas posted a hilarious clip of him, Turner, and Nick freaking out over the teasing moments Shawnmila gave us.

"#VMAs are over, but we’re still waiting for that kiss tho 👀 @camila_cabello @shawnmendes," Jonas said in his caption.

In the video, you see Joe, Nick, and Turner egging the musical couple to kiss during their steamy AF performance of "Señorita," then Turner grabs Joe and Nick's hands as it looks like they're about to kiss. They all let out a big "UGHHHH!" when the kiss doesn't happen and Cabello opts to boop Mendes nose with hers instead.

This moment honestly got me pregnant.

Just kiss already!

Turner really had the time of her damn life at the VMAs. She and Danielle Jonas had a sweet reaction to the Jonas Brothers winning Best Pop (which they technically also won, considering they co-starred in the video with the Jo Bros and Priyanka Chopra), and she totally ditched Joe when Normani came on stage so she could watch and dance with her pal, Hailee Steinfeld, who was standing in the row behind them. (Steinfeld, by the way, is one of the reasons Turner and Jonas are together. When Turner and Jonas first started talking, Turner basically asked Steinfeld if Jonas was a good dude. She gave her the green light, and now they're married.)

Turner posted about the great night that was the VMAs on her Instagram at the end of the night.

"OMG CONGRATULATIONS @joejonas @nickjonas @kevinjonas 🎉 here are a few of my favorite moments from tonight! #THATSTHETEA#Lizzoisqueen," Turner said in her caption. Her photos included one of her husband looking like a snack backstage, one of her and U.S. Women's Soccer team captain Alex Morgan sipping an imaginary cup of tea (that IS the tea!), and one of her posing and smiling with Lizzo, who absolutely slayed her performance.

Photographers at the VMAs caught the moment the Queen of the North and the Queen of the Flutes met.

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And Lil Nas X was there! God, I love it when celebrities fangirl over each other.