OK, So, Did Joe Jonas For Real Tattoo Sophie Turner On His Neck Or Not?

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Well, this settles it, folks: In the year 2020 and beyond, if you don't get some part of your partner's body tattooed on your neck, do you really even love them? According to fans, Joe Jonas' new neck tattoo — an outline of a keyhole with an eye peering through it — looks suspiciously like Sophie Turner. Granted, a whole lot of people in the world have eyes, so theoretically, it could be any eye Jonas decided to permanently ink on his body. But where's the fun and romance in that?

On Tuesday, Oct. 13, Jonas' tattoo artist, renowned celebrity tattoo artist NAL (Noah Lee), debuted a photo of the new ink on Instagram. It's truly a gorgeous minimalistic, yet hyperrealistic design sitting on the back of Jonas' neck in black and white. NAL revealed exactly zero info regarding whether or not the drawing depicts Turner and captioned the post with a single eyeball. With just this drawing and Jonas and Turner's deep love to go off of, fans are all thinking the same thing: That's gotta be Turner's literal eyeball, right? "Is that Sophie? Lol that genuinely looks like her," one fan commented on the photo. "I loved! Sophie's eye!" another commented, while a chorus of similar comments followed.

After a little bit of a digging — and I hate to be the bearer of bad news here — the tattoo may not, in fact, depict Turner's eye. Actually, the drawing appears to be (or at least looks similar to) one of the works of Italian artist Piero Fornasetti. More specifically, it seems to be one of Fornasetti's works depicting opera singer Lina Cavalieri, who inspired hundreds of pieces by the artist. You can see the same work depicted here on the Fornasetti website and printed on a pair of bookends below.

Fret not, though, Jophie shippers. (It's Jophie, right? Not Soe?) The two lovebirds are still as in love as other — eyeball tattoo or not — especially considering they're busy raising their newborn daughter Willa.