BRB, Selling All My Organs So I Can Afford These Diamond-Covered Sneakers

Jimmy Choo

If I am ever proposed to, let there be no ring involved. Instead of a rock that slips onto my finger I want the question to be popped with rocks that slip onto my feet. Take one look at Jimmy Choo's Diamond Sneakers and you'll understand this strange request. Glittering in hundreds of crystals from toe to heel, they're as rich as sneakers can get. Seeing as they range in price from $3,900 to $5,500, you also have to be rich to get them — which is why requesting them for a very special occasion makes all the more sense.

As explained by Sandra Choi, the creative director of Jimmy Choo, on the brand's website, "I imagined how it would feel to step into a multi-faceted diamond, playing with the sense of lightness and clarity the different angles reflect. It was from this idea the Diamond sneaker was born." I've had some pretty exuberant fashion dreams myself but never have I once considered clomping around with one of the world's most precious gemstones on my feet. That's what creative directors are for and I'm glad they dream bigger than me.

Take one look at the Crystal Shimmer Diamond Sneakers ($3,995,—the men's version retails for $5,500) and you'll immediately see that the stone served as inspiration in both decorative and structural ways.

Jimmy Choo

Angular chunky treads that are nearly translucent ground the shoe and clearly reference the shape of cut diamonds, while the upper portion of the style is encrusted with an array of differently shaped crystals in an almost Art Deco way. To call the shoes glitzy would be an understatement and I can't help but thinking that they'd not only serve as the perfect engagement ring replacement but also as the perfect wedding reception footwear. Shine bright like a diamond, indeed.

If you're into the overall concept of the shoe but aren't for such blinding shine, you're in luck. The collection features two other diamond-inspired styles that channel the stone in less literal ways.

First up are the Natural Gloss Elaphe and Platinum Metallic Nappa Low Top Trainers ($1,150,, which feature the same treads as the crystal sneakers but a decidedly different upper. Muted snakeskin and a metallic silvery-gold combine for a striking effect that will definitely turn heads — the style still glints, but in a totally different way.

Jimmy Choo

Rounding out the Diamond line are the Silver Metallic Leather and White Calf Leather Low Top Trainers, which at $895 (, are the cheapest of the bunch by far. Once again featuring the geometric see-though treads, they scream 2000s thanks to their white and silver upper. They'd pair excellently with inflatable furniture and those see-through telephones that every teen girl coveted in the early aughts, so someone call up Lizzie McGuire because her dream shoe has just arrived.

Jimmy Choo

As they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend — and we all know how important friendship is. Do you need a better excuse to cover yourself in the stone from head to toe?