Jimin Shared An Old Vlog That Got Real About Hard Times In BTS, So ARMYs Are Emotional


It's been an eventful two days for the BTS ARMY. Leading up to BTS appearing at not one, not two, but three award shows on Feb. 26, the powers that be over at the BANGTAN TV YouTube channel released not one, but two videos for the BTS ARMY to feast upon. The first was a video of Jungkook and Jimin adorably practicing English together. The second was a major change of pace, though. Jimin's video log opening up about hard times in BTS is a raw, honest look behind the curtain of BTS' ascent to internationally superstardom. While it may look like it came easy, Jimin's Vlog reveals it was anything but, and Jimin — plus the rest of BTS' — willingness to open up about that reality is exactly why the ARMY loves BTS.

In Jimin's video log, he starts by telling fans he's sitting down to film the video around 2 a.m. on April 13, 2018. Just in case you're new to the fandom and need a refresher on the boys' comeback timeline, that's just under a year ago, just before their Love Yourself series comeback.

Jimin goes on to open up about how the long period of preparation before their Love Yourself comeback when the boys were hard at work, but not in front of their fans as much as they were used to, was particularly challenging. In that time, Jimin began reflecting on why, exactly, he was doing what he was doing. According to a translation by Spotlight BTS, Jimin opened up, sharing,

I thought about why I basically lay my life down for this work and why I think that if it's not this job, it's nothing... After becoming an adult and debuting for the first time after debut, I became more curious about myself and had more thoughts, and because I was that way, the times where I was by myself became longer. I still had ongoing schedules, but I'm talking about the times I was by myself. Afterward, I thought a lot about how I was lonely.

Jimin went on to share that he has trouble opening up about his feelings with other people because he's not good at leaning on others, especially when they're also going through hard times.

I'm not someone who really leans on someone else. I don't really know how to do that. I think I'm worse at leaning on others than listening to them. And because the people I thought I can lean on were having a hard time, it was a situation where I didn't really know what to do, so I think that's why I had a lot of things on my mind. So in order to think about it and find myself, I found myself alone many times. I think I had a tough time for about three to four times after going through that trail.

Check out the vlog in its entirety below:

There was light at the end of the tunnel for Jimin, though. He revealed that what was able to pull him out of his funk was none other than BTS' fans — the ARMY. Jimin continued,

I found myself looking at a lot of "Young Forever" videos. We were performing that song at a concert. It wasn't a video where we were singing. It was a video where only fans were singing along to the song at that time we weren't singing and the fans kept singing for us. When I saw that, I think I cried a lot while watching it. I don't remember exactly what I was thinking. I don't really know why I was tearing up, but I thought, "This must be the reason why." I don't really know about anything else, I just thought, "This must be it." It was a feeling where I just got hit hard on the head. I thought a lot about how I forgot about this one thing and because of that, I wanted to have a comeback even sooner. I wanted to do concerts. I wanted to hurry up and see you guys. I missed you guys.

Fans were shocked to learn that Jimin and his bandmates had been going through such hard times before their Love Yourself comeback without fans having a clue. But they were even more pleased to find out that, even through those hard times going on behind the scenes, it was ARMYs' unwavering support that helped Jimin (and — if their MAMAs 2018 speech is anything to go by — the rest of the boys) out of their funk.

In case your curious, the video Jimin watched of fans singing "Epilogue: Forever Young" was probably something like this one:

Yeah, that's pretty moving, for sure.

In response to Jimin's emotional and honest vlog, fans — spearheaded by the user Crumbles4Kookie, among others — decided to start a project called #ProjectBuyYoungForever in order for the song to chart on iTunes in hopes that BTS will see ARMYs love and support.

And, as always, the BTS ARMY got the song charting all over the world, bringing it up to #1 on the U.S. K-Pop charts.

The song also charted at No. 151 on iTunes main chart in the U.S.

It also charted at No. 1 in various countries all around the world like Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and Nicaragua.

The BTS ARMY always goes above and beyond to show how much they love BTS through thick and thin, and Jimin's vlog is an important reminder of why that's such an important factor in making BTS the success they are today.