Jimin Shared The Sweetest Video Montage For BTS' 6th Anniversary

by Jamie LeeLo

Sorry, did Christmas come early or am I just seeing things? There's no way something so special, so pure, and so wonderful as Jimin's video for BTS' 6th anniversary is a present for ARMYs just because. It's too adorable for words! the third youngest BTS member surprised his fans with a touching, special tribute to ARMYs as part of BTS FESTA and the response is one giant purple heart emoji. Jimin, thank you.

If you follow the group, you might know that BTS FESTA is coming to a close. The annual anniversary event spanned from June 3 to June 13 and included a variety of special goodies for ARMYs to soak up. Throughout the celebration, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, V, and Suga unleashed behind-the-scenes content, new choreography, new songs, new music videos, family portraits, and more, but perhaps the most special and personalized gift is Jimin's video.

What makes this short slice of BTS heaven so sweet is that every other piece of FESTA was made with the help of BTS' professional staff to create the final products. In the case of Jimin's video, ARMYs understand it was just him working on his own time to make something unique and special for his beloved ARMYs. Like, can you just picture Jimin hunched over his iPhone using some $2.99 video app to make this treasure? Because I can. And it makes me love it even more.

The video features footage of the boys rehearsing in empty stadiums, hanging out backstage, performing live in front of a packed audience, and goofing around together as the family ARMYs know and love. Jimin sweetly began the video with an illustrated graphic which spelled out the message "BTS X ARMY" with the word "start" next to an arrow. From there, fans soaked up 107 glorious seconds of BTS life through Jimin's eyes. The song "Love Yourself" worked as the backdrop for the joyful footage.

OK, are you ready for this?

Here we go:

Fans surely will especially love the message at the end when Jimin writes, "Thank u... and... I'll never forget it."

All together now — awww!

Naturally, ARMYs had a lot to say in the comments, though I think this one note from user @ILSANBOi (a.k.a. joon love bot) summed it up the best. They wrote:

jimin, this video is so touching and beautiful. seeing all those scenes play right before our eyes made us cry. thank you so much for everything. you’ve come a long way and we are happy and proud to see your growth. you’re one of a kind. talented with a huge heart. we love you

Plenty of other users wrote messages of adoration and appreciation, too. In fact, at the time of publication, the video had received nearly 650,000 likes, 320,000 retweets, and 166,000 comments... and that was all within one hour of the video going live.

The video was shared on the last day of FESTA alongside BTS' Bangtan Attic video. ARMYs will have to wait another full year for the next anniversary celebration to come around, which gives Jimin plenty of time to work on his next video.

Thank you for the gift, Jimin! Happy BTS FESTA!