BTS' "Bangtan Attic" Celebration Is The Perfect Way To Say "Happy Anniversary!"


Every year, BTS ARMYs have come to anticipate BTS' FESTA celebration where the boys celebrate the leadup to their anniversary on Jun 13 by sharing a ton of new content with ARMYs. And even though their loyal fans never want to see FESTA end, they also wait in anticipation for the final day of FESTA on the boys' actual anniversary, because they usually drop a video of the boys having a conversation with each other discussing everything you can possibly think of, like sharing new details about themselves, going over the past year's highs and lows, explaining how they've grown as artists and individuals, and documenting all the things they hope to accomplish — big and small — in the next year of BTS. Well, the clock struck midnight on June 13 in Korea and BTS' "Bangtan Attic" video for FESTA is just what fans had been waiting for and more.

This year's celebration is a bit modest compared to 2018's Dinner Party where the boys gathered at a pop-up restaurant and conversed over fancy foods and booze together. Actually, when "Bangtan Attic" first kicks off, Jungkook jokingly acknowledges the lack of spirits. "We don't get any booze," he says, holding up a bottle of grape juice and orange juice. The boys are all seated on the floor around a table stacked with miscellaneous snacks like strawberries, Oreos, grapes, and bread.

Check out the video below!

The beginning of "Bangtan Attic" focuses on the boys' childhood, with the boys answering questions like, "Where was your secret hideout?", "How did you hang out?", and "What compliments did you receive?"

Basically, a whole lot of opportunity for the boys to get nostalgic, just like ARMYs like! My favorite take away was how many times Suga pointed out that today's youth would not understand any of the things they were talking about (Suga, you're 26, not 80!).

International ARMYs will be happy to know that the entire video is subtitled in English from beginning to end, so you won't have to wait the usual hour or two it takes for (the absolutely amazing) multi-lingual ARMYs out there to translate for other fans.

What better time to relive all the boys' past final FESTA celebrations than now? Here's my personal favorite, the 2018 "Bangtan Dinner Party" where the boys were a bit tipsy by the end and just being utterly chaotic. It's absolutely iconic.

And here's the 2017 conversation, when all the boys looked like babies.

Here's 2016's:

Did I say the boys looked like babies in 2017? I lied. Because check them out looking adorable AF in 2015:

Honestly, my mind is starting to be boggled by how long it's actually been since BTS have been together. Six years is so long, but it feels like it's gone by in the blink of an eye. It only becomes apparent when you look at these throwback videos of the boys. Like their first ever FESTA celebration in 2014. Just look at them!

Congratulations BTS and all you ARMYs out there! Six years in the can and AT LEAST eight more to go!