Jim Carrey Is Playing Joe Biden On 'SNL' Season 46, So Get Ready To LOL

by Ani Bundel
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are a few things that are certain in life — taxes for one, parking tickets for another. And every four years, Saturday Night Live has a field day as election season peaks. This year has been rough for the late-night sketch comedy show. The coronavirus pandemic shut production down in March of 2020. The show limped along with a few Zoom episodes in April. But there's good news for the new season: The cast is back at 30 Rock, and Jim Carrey is playing Joe Biden on SNL Season 46, making this a highly anticipated comeback.

The most significant part of this announcement is the return to 30 Rock. Trying to restart filming for TV has been a journey throughout the summer of 2020. Many series haven't even made it back into the studios yet. But reality TV and live shows have seemed to have created a balance between safety and entertainment. Dancing With The Stars, The Masked Singer, and others have returned to production. Now, Saturday Night Live will do the same.

But perhaps the best part is, working with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's office to make this happens means Saturday Night Live will even be able to bring back an audience for the shows. Things will be different, of course, and it won't be a full crowd by any means. But having real-life people to interact and laugh makes a huge difference.

And people will be laughing, because the show has also landed Jim Carrey, one of the funniest comics alive, to guest star for the fall as Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

There had been a question who would play the former Vice President if and when the show returned this fall. Alec Baldwin has been playing Trump since before his election in 2016, and though the actor keeps insisting he's done with it, somehow he comes back every year. When Kamala Harris was chosen as the democratic ticket VP, all eyes went to Maya Rudolph, who already played the candidate with aplomb during the primaries.

But the show had never settled on a Biden for the 2020 election. Jason Sudeikis used to play him back when Biden was the Vice President during the Obama administration. Woody Harrelson did the honors a few times during the primaries. But for these final crucial few weeks as voters mail in their ballots, the role will be taken up by Carrey.

Carrey has recently been on something of a career revival with his turn in Sonic the Hedgehog harkening back to his mid-1990s heyday. A spate of Saturday Night Live appearances, especially if they go well, could be what he needs to solidify that comeback.

Saturday Night Live will return for Season 46 starting on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020, and run five episodes through Oct. 31 before taking a break.