Kamala Harris skit

These Videos Of Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris Impressions Will Have You LOLing


Although presidential election years can be stressful AF, fans of SNL can always count on the late night show to infuse a little bit of comedy into the political situation. For years, the comedy show has appointed specific comedians to embody key political figures. One of the newest figures to be parodied is accomplished senator and Joe Biden's vice presidential running mate, and these videos of Maya Rudolph's impersonations of Kamala Harris are sure to make you laugh.

California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris officially became Joe Biden's vice presidential running mate on Aug. 11 of this year, but Maya Rudolph's impersonations began last year when Harris was running to be the Democratic presidential nominee. Rudolph's first go at portraying Harris was in September on SNL, for a skit titled DNC Town Hall.

In this skit, a group of comedians impersonated the Democratic presidential candidates taking part in a fictional town hall to discuss President Trump's 2019 impeachment. Rudolph throws a bunch of great one-liners out, like: "I'm also America's cool aunt, a fun aunt," and "You call that human rights, China? I call it human wrongs." Check out the full video below:

From there, Rudolph starred as Harris in a November 2019 skit, titled 2020 Democratic Debate. On top of delivering some silly answers to the fictional moderator's questions, she also started a hilarious meme using her extravagant facial expressions.

Rudolph's third and most recent skit as Harris came in the December SNL skit PBS Democratic Debate. At this point, Harris had already called off her run for the presidency, and Rudolph's impression pokes fun at "how good" America could have had it. With a fan blowing her hair, she throws a Lizzo lyric out, and saunters off the screen with a fancy drink in hand. Skip to 4:11 to see her in the below video.

SNL Season 46 will return on Oct. 3 at 11:30 p.m. ET. Here's to hoping fans will get to see even more Rudolph on screen playing Harris, which is probably pretty likely since she's officially on Biden's ticket this fall.