The historic home on the Jim Beam American Stillhouse distillery grounds has a bright red door and b...

Spend The Night On Jim Beam's Distillery Grounds For $23 & The Best Sips

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Nowadays, I need a separate bucket list for the places I want to stay on Airbnb. From the decked-out treehouses to the cozy airstreams, there's an endless amount of unique experiences waiting for me and you. And now with Jim Beam's American Stillhouse home on Airbnb, the list is getting even longer.

That's right. The world of master distillers is opening up to you and your best friends this fall so you can live, eat, and sleep on the same grounds as the "World's #1 Bourbon." According to the Airbnb listing, you'll be able to wake up in bedrooms that were built back in 1919 and look out onto a peaceful lake in the middle of Clermont, Kentucky. You'll also be able to see behind the scenes of the bourbon-making process. The whole trip will require that you're 21 or over, and be sure to have a camera packed in your bag for the epic sips and pics.

After all, you won't want to miss out on taking selfies with the various bottles of bourbon and capturing a sweet video of you and your BFFs clinking your glasses together. In fact, you may want to document the amazing cuisine you're served, the way the sunlights comes in through the kitchen windows in the afternoon, and the laughs you share from the rocking chairs on the porch. Let me give you the rest of the details, OK?


First things first: Staying at this home on the Jim Beam American Stillhouse distillery grounds won't be your typical Airbnb experience. Sure, you'll still check in, toss your suitcase in your bedroom, and make yourself at home. But you'll also enjoy all sorts of one-of-a-kind experiences. For example, you'll take a tour of the distillery and taste bourbon, and can check out the bourbon bar that features lots of seasonal cocktails on its menu.

You may try a dish at Fred's Smokehouse that fills your tastebuds with happiness and joy, and that draw inspiration from Beam family recipes. You might also pose with the original staircase from the Jim Beam distillery around the time of prohibition. Either way, you'll retreat to your charming home with a bright red door and lots of wood detailing at night. You may light the fireplace or snuggle up in your favorite crewneck sweatshirt and sip the premium bourbons in the fully-stocked bar.

The next morning, you and your friends can check out the backyard with cowboy cauldrons and the fishing docks that are close by. The house sleeps up to six guests in its three bedrooms with three beds, and has plenty of space for all of you to get ready in its two and a half baths. The Airbnb listing notes that this "home away from home" is perfect for bourbon lovers or couples.


To book this unique stay, go to the listing for Jim Beam's American Stillhouse home on Airbnb and request to make a reservation. According to the press release, the property will only be available for one-night stays — but I think that'll be enough, especially if you're planning on making this part of a larger fall road trip with your best friends.

In addition, you should know the reservations will only be available for certain dates between Oct. 21, 2019 when the listing goes live, and the end of 2019. One night will cost $23, which is conveniently "the same price as a bottle of premium, extra-aged Jim Beam Black® bourbon," according to the press release. Once again, you will need to be 21 or over to be part of this experience. Reservations are also first come, first serve, so make sure to figure out your travel arrangements before this charming home gets all booked up.

If you don't get a reservation, you can still head to the distillery for a tour and tasting. Fred Noe, Jim Beam's 7th Generation Master Distiller and the host of the Airbnb home stated in the press release, "We like to say that anyone who visits us comes as friends and leaves as family." And if you decide to take a tour of the Urban Stillhouse or the American Stillhouse, you'll likely feel that close to the bourbon makers and their craft.

Of course, you can always find Jim Beam on Instagram (@jimbeamofficial) and Twitter (@JimBeam), too, and keep adding bourbon experiences like this one to your bucket list. Just make sure they'll score you all the sips and cool pics.

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