The 'Friends' Cast Reunion At The Emmys Was EVERYTHING

by Ani Bundel

Ever since HBO Max announced it would launch with a Friends reunion, fans have been able to think of little else. But the coronavirus pandemic meant the highly-anticipated get together of the six roommates from the 1990s was delayed indefinitely. Still, all the actors have been great sports, posing for Instagrams, posting teasers, and promises the show will go on (someday). And now, they've done the same with the Emmys. The unexpected Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow 2020 Emmys reunion was one of the show's highlights.

Jennifer Aniston was a significant player in this virtually produced Emmys from the top of the show. She was one of the actors to show up in person with Jimmy Kimmel and present an award. (A presentation that included him setting the envelope on fire and Aniston working the fire extinguisher.) She then left to go home and prepare to virtually accept her award from home like all the other nominees.

That in and of itself should have been a sign that something was up as others, like Tracee Ellis Ross, had done their nomination rounds from the Staples Center before coming out to do a bit with Kimmel. But even so, when Kimmel announced he was checking in to see if Aniston got home safely, no one suspected anything was about to happen.

Aniston looked nice and comfortable in her bathrobe in her house when she Zoomed in with Kimmel. But then she said, "We're here." "We"? No, Brad and Jen fans, she wasn't about to blow the lid off every tabloid of the last 20 years. By "we," she meant Courteney Cox.

Cox looked surprised by Kimmel's reaction to seeing her. After all, they'd been roommates since 1994. And naturally, they weren't alone. Lisa Kudrow was there because a Friends reunion doesn't technically count until you have a plurality of Friends in attendance.

One would assume David Schwimmer, who played Ross, would be the next to come in and declare he and Aniston have been married for 20 years, or something equally as fan service-y. But no! Instead, Jason Bateman walked in. As viewers would recall, Bateman was also part of the early show gag, pretending to be a cardboard cutout of himself. It was random but funny.

Now all fans need is for the real Friends reunion to happen.