Bradley Cooper's Ex-Wife Had The Shadiest Comment About Him & Lady Gaga's Chemistry

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If you're alive, doing all right, and have access to the internet, by now you've relived every intimate moment of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's "Shallow" performance at the Oscars. And if you're not simply moved to tears by Cooper and Gaga recreating this tender moment from A Star is Born, you might be indulging in fan theories about what's truly up between Cooper and Gaga. Adding more fuel to that fandom fire recently was Jen Esposito's comment about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Esposito and Cooper were married briefly from December 2006 to May 2007. Cooper got with his current partner, Irina Shayk, in 2015. Fans first heard news of them together that April when paparazzi caught them on a Broadway date. Shayk and Cooper attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington D.C. together a few days later; Shayk gave birth to their daughter in 2017.

Following Sunday's sizzling "Shallow" performance, comedian David Spade got caught up in the Internet's buzz of emotion and speculation. Spade took to Instagram on Monday and posted a screencap of Cooper and Gaga looking at each other intently across that Oscars piano. He got right down to the heart of his curiosity, captioning the photo, "Is there any chance these two aren’t f*cking?" That's when Esposito popped in with a coy, succinct answer: Simply, "Ha."

Because sometimes, less is more when you're being petty. Regarding this exchange, Elite Daily has reached out to Cooper and Gaga's reps for comments on Spade's claim and Esposito's response. As it stands now, no one but Cooper, Gaga, and Shayk know what the real story is. Regardless of what it may be, Cooper and Gaga's appearances have left a wide margin for fan confusion.

Maybe society isn't ready to accept that a straight man and a bisexual woman can be "just friends." Maybe 2019 is too soon for us to start normalizing this kind of adoring intimacy as simply platonic. Strip all that away, though, and it's still hard to deny the chemistry that just oozes out of interactions between the two. Cooper and Gaga's Oscars body language showed trust, intimacy, and joy. Looking at the "Shallow" performance, body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass told Elite Daily, "It was as though their bodies were engulfed in one another. They were a unit. They were one... [Cooper] was so genuine. His eyes crinkled. His teeth showed. The apples of his cheeks rose."

Meanwhile, Cooper and Shayk's Oscars body language conveyed that Shayk is constantly striving for more out of her relationship with Cooper. Looking at red carpet photos (wherein Cooper is sandwiched between his mom and Shayk as dates), body language expert Traci Brown told Elite Daily, "Irina wants more. And she gives him more. She turns her whole body towards him, she leans the front of her body up against him, she tilts her head down to his shoulder. She does several poses to make it look like they’re more intimate but he typically is staying straight up and down in response to all of that affection. She does bids to have more affection with him, bids to show everybody, 'I’m your favorite, I’m your partner.' And he doesn’t go full-on to do that." A subset of Reacting to "Shallow" Twitter was devoted to fan observations of how Shayk and her valiant efforts to change up the narrative about her man and his co-star.

What's remarkable is that Sunday wasn't even the first time we saw Jackson and Ally come to life so vividly on a stage. Cooper and Gaga shredded fans' heartstrings back in January with their surprise performance of "Shallow" during Gaga's Las Vegas residency. Before the two got to their classic piano positions, that performance started with Cooper on a stool and Gaga kneeling at his feet. If that doesn't scream intimacy and something special brewing between them, I don't know what does!

Shade from all angles aside, though, true fans will root for whatever is best for Cooper and Gaga in the end. We're just gonna have to wait and see.