Jay Cutler Cleared Up Rumors That He's Dating Tomi Lahren With A Blunt Instagram Caption

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In case you haven't heard, it turns out there is not a new lady in Jay Cutler's life. On Sept. 4, the former quarterback for the Chicago Bears took to social media to set the record straight. Jay Cutler's Instagram about the Tomi Lahren dating rumors made it very clear that he and the FOX News host are not a thing.

Whispers of a romance between the two gained major traction in late August after they were reportedly spotted together enjoying a night on the town in Nashville. Needless to say, people were quick to speculate that Culter and Lahren must be an item. After all, how else could one possibly explain why they were hanging out, right? It's not like two people can just hang out in public platonically. Well, it turns out that's exactly what they were doing.

A source at the bar reportedly told E! News that the duo was seen enjoying drinks at Winners Bar with a couple of other friends. "The two of them were having a lot of fun together at a table along with two other friends," said the source. "Tomi and Jay were passing a bottle of tequila back and forth and taking shots together directly from the bottle." According to that same source, Lahren and Cutler reportedly left the bar together.

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Cutler didn't waste any time setting the record straight through a light-hearted post. "Only lady in my life," he wrote on Instagram while brushing a very adorable cow on his Nashville property. And to really drive the point home, he concluded the caption by writing, "Be better internet."

Lahren was also quick to speak out and let everyone know that there's nothing going on between her and Cutler. "I love it when the internet tells me who I'm dating," she wrote on Twitter. "Good one."

The former NFL player went public with his divorce from Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari in April, and that same month, Lahren called off her engagement to her boyfriend of two and a half years, Brandon Fricke. Naturally, the timing of their respective splits only seemed to fuel the dating rumors. Fans also took note of the fact that Lahren had been commenting on Cutler's posts recently, which made a romance between the two seem even more likely. However, another source reportedly confirmed to E! News that Cutler and Lahren "are just friends".

Well, it looks like the internet will just have to accept the fact that love is not in the air.