Here's Everything James Charles Has Said About Kylie Jenner

by Jamie LeeLo

Can we take a minute and just discuss what is going on with James Charles and Kylie Jenner? Charles has been undeniably under fire in the cosmetic world as of late thanks to his feud with OG makeup guru Tati Westbrook. But, that hasn't stopped him from hanging out with reigning makeup queen, Kylie Jenner. In fact, he just popped up at her Kylie Skin launch party on May 22, which raised a lot of eyebrows. If you comb back over James Charles' quotes about Kylie Jenner, it might not come as too much of a surprise that the lip-kit genius is keeping him close to her hip. He is, after all, a huge fan and supporter (with a few *cough* 16 million *cough* followers on the 'gram).

Charles busted onto the makeup and YouTube scene not too long ago. In March 2016, Charles made his YouTube debut with his now-infamous "BLUE/BROWN SERPENT makeup tutorial." Just a few months prior, Kylie Cosmetics was born. Somewhere, the makeup universe was spinning a match made in highlighter heaven. While Charles and Jenner aren't BFF's in the traditional sense (no sleepovers, dinner parties, etc. etc.), they have appeared on social media and the internet together more than once.

Perhaps most notably, Charles did Jenner's 2018 Halloween makeup for his YouTube channel and turned her into a spooky (yet stunning) skeleton. During that time, the two giggled and joked like middle school besties, leading fans to believe their friendship was forged even stronger. In that video, Charles called Jenner his "favorite sister."

Honestly, I'd probably say the same thing if she was sitting right in front of me. But, that's not the only comment Charles has ever made about Jenner. Here's a deeper dive into the 19-year-old's opinion on the youngest (but richest) Kardashian/Jenner.

On her work ethic:

Charles had the chance to speak with Entertainment Tonight about his career and what it was like shooting with Kylie for Halloween. "It was just really, really amazing. She was just so sweet," he explained.

It was just really amazing to see someone else in this space working really hard and just making it at a young age. She's just a huge inspiration to me and I definitely had a similar experience to her in that people just love to tear you down and bash you and stuff, but she's a great role model.

On where they stand since the Tati Westbrook controversy:

To keep this short: they're fine. After Westbrook posted a 43-minute video accusing Charles of being opportunistic and manipulative (among other things) he lost a bunch of followers. Like, millions, actually. Some people thought Jenner was one of the many celebrities to jump ship, but Charles says that's not the case. According to him, she never followed him in the first place.

As I mentioned, Charles was invited to the Kylie Skin launch party after all the Charles v. Westbrook drama, where he and Jenner snapped a photo together. When Charles posted it on Instagram, haters jumped in with one person commenting: "but she unfollowed you lol."

Charles was quick to respond and set the record straight. He wrote, "she never followed in the first place lol stop believing everything you read on the internet."

I guess that settles it?

On her skin care line:

Speaking of Kylie Skin, it looks like Charles is a major advocate and has Jenner's direct line to let her know he adores her products. After her launch, Jenner shared a back and forth text exchange between herself and Charles on her Instagram stories.

In their conversation, Charles exclaimed, "ok dude kylie skin is working rly [sic] well for me lol... when I got back from Australia my skin was beyond awful but I've been using it every day and it's cleared up so much."

Jenner understandably loved the feedback and appears to have asked for permission to post their convo on Insta. Obviously, Charles gave it a big, "Ya sure." (Also, he called her "dude." Who is close enough to call Kylie Jenner "dude"? James Charles. That's who.)

All of this to say, celebrities, makeup, YouTube, and fame are weird, right? Who knows if they're still sisters IRL, but at least from here it looks like all is well.