BRB, Picking My Jaw Off The Floor After That Final Scene In The 'GOT' Season 8 Premiere

by Ani Bundel

When fans talk about Game of Thrones Season 1, the subject that comes up most often is Ned's beheading. For many, that was the moment this show became "different." In reality, there was a moment before that where Game of Thrones made its mark for brutality against those set up to be hero-like figures when Jaime pushed Bran out of the tower window in the final scene of Season 1, Episode 1. Now Season 8 has brought things full circle for Jaime and Bran on Game Of Thrones. Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 follow.

Both characters have come a long way since that fateful moment in the tower. Bran struggled with being paralyzed from the waist down until he discovered the new paths that opened to him with his body forced to stay still. The Bran that Jaime sees across the courtyard in Season 8's debut episode isn't the kid he nearly killed, but the Three-Eyed Raven, able to see through Jaime, into his past and his future.

Jamie, on the other hand, slowly realized he wasn't that man in the tower, willing to push a kid to his death to please his lover. He too now has experience being disabled with the loss of his sword hand. Much like Bran, he has also discovered new paths that have opened up to him in the aftermath and has become wiser and older throughout the course of the series.

However, that doesn't mean Jaime is ready to face his crimes, at least, not from the look on his face when he sees Bran. Jaime did not think about the possibility of this meeting when he set out for Winterfell. (Most likely, he heard the "Theon killed Bran and Rickon" rumor from Season 2 and considered the matter closed.) Now he is face to face with his original sin against the Starks and do it while admitting to them that Cersei lied when she said she was sending her army to fight alongside them.

But if Jaime thinks he's going to find absolution in facing Bran again, and perhaps apologizing for what he did, he's in for a disappointment. Despite being a Bran-shaped being, Season 8 has begun to make it clear the Three-Eyed Raven is nothing like the boy his family knew. He's cold and remote, and his ability to see not only Jaime's past but all his multiple futures makes forgiveness something no longer applicable. Jaime might as well find the weir tree at Winterfell and apologize to that, for all the good it will do.


But then again, Bran's attitude has changed a lot since those early days when he was frustrated at being stuck in that chair. He's made peace with his lot in life. After all, he's now the Three-Eyed Raven, none too shabby! When Bran sees Sam, he says he's waiting for an old friend. Was he talking about Jamie? Well, Jaime might not see their relationship that way, but he might be glad to know Bran does. After all, friends don't actually tell on each other, do they?

Fans will find out next week on April 21 at 9 p.m. when Game of Thrones continues.