Hold The Fries, Because These Burger Dippers From Jack In The Box Are A Total Snack

Courtesy of Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is dreaming up a new and unique way for you to eat a burger (and I'm a total sucker for a good burger). The first-of-its-kind menu item looks a lot like a side that you might order with your patty (I'll give you a hint: It's fries). Yep, Jack In The Box is testing Burger Dippers that you can dunk in whatever condiment you please — just like fries. Let's take a (quick) deep dive into what exactly this innovative new menu item really is.

In short, Jack in the Box's new Burger Dippers are a deep fried burger that's just taken on a bit of a different shape. Say goodbye to the usual circular burger patty and give a big hello to these new burger sticks from Jack in the Box. Don't let the shape throw you off. These Burger Dippers are the real deal. Each stick contains all of the flavor you'd find in a regular burger (including cheese) and packs it into what looks like one giant, glorified french fry.

Jack in the Box, which is headquartered in San Diego, is primarily located out west. Sorry east coasters, you'll have to make the cross country trip to get your hands on these bad boys. The new Burger Dippers are not available at all Jack in the Box locations. As of publication, the deep fried burger sticks are being tested at a Jack in the Box location in Sacramento, California. The dippers will be sold until Sunday, March 31.

If you're prepared to make the trek to Northern California (or maybe you already reside in the Golden State), you may be wondering how to order these crispy, golden burger sticks. Well, I'm here to let you know that the Burger Dippers are available two ways. First, the Burger Dippers are included in Jack in the Box's latest Munchie Meal. The Munchie Meal is featured on Jack in the Box's Late Night menu. A typical box includes two tacos, an order of the restaurant's signature curly fries, a drink, and a sandwich of some kind. In this case, the Burger Dippers replace the sandwich option (plus you still get the rest of the tasty goodies). The entire box of grub including the drink will cost you $6, per Jack in the Box.

Courtesy of Jack in the Box

The second way to order the Burger Dippers is to ask for them a la carte. You can get one order of Burger Dippers for $2.50, according to Jack in the Box. That includes a total of four sticks. This is the perfect size for an afternoon snack. Or, you can order a few other sides separately.

Now, let's talk condiments. Typically, burgers are topped with ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise. Mayo doesn't do much for me and, IMO, mustard only belongs on hot dogs. I'm more of a ketchup kind of girl. That's what I'll be dunking these Burger Dippers in.

Courtesy of Jack in the Box

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty intrigued by these Burger Dippers. Few things are as satisfying as when I sink my teeth into a big, juicy cheeseburger. Jack in the Box has somehow found a way to recreate this incredibly delicious magic by transforming the traditional beef patty into a stick form. I'll be on the next flight out to California.