Ivanka Trump Shared A Delicious Throwback Picture Ahead Of Thanksgiving


On Thursday, Nov. 28, many people across the United States will get together and celebrate Thanksgiving. The holiday is basically synonymous with family, turkey, and overindulgence, so it's not surprising that Ivanka Trump's 2019 Thanksgiving Instagram features some classic dishes. Is anyone else's mouth watering?

On Wednesday, Nov. 27, just one day ahead of Thanksgiving, the White House senior staffer gave an early tribute to the holiday by posting a classic throwback photo on Instagram. In the photo, a young Ivanka Trump stands next to her mother, Ivana Trump, in a retro-style green tiled kitchen as the two pose for the photo standing over a table that's holding a huge turkey. Trump is holding a gravy boat as her mother lifts a ladle and in her other hand is a large cutting knife. On Instagram, Trump captioned the photo with a short, but sweet, caption. "Happiness is homemade!" she wrote, with the hashtag #ThanksgivingMemories.

The photo is a sweet peek into Trump's childhood (and some classic '90s looks), but I have to admit some pressing questions. For one thing, whose house are they at? From what I know of Donald Trump's taste in home décor, it does not run to turquoise tile backsplashes and hanging bunches of garlic. Did Ivana cook that turkey herself, and how did she manage it without messing up her nails? Is anyone still selling that amazing graphic skirt?

Hopefully, the post will go over better than Trump's message from 2017. That year, her social media team for Ivanka Trump HQ (which has since ceased production) posted a now-deleted tweet which detailed ways people can decorate their tables for Thanksgiving. Even though interior designers, lifestyle gurus, and others do this pretty frequently, Trump's list of "tips" didn't go over as well.

A lot of people couldn't stop laughing at the weird-looking setup or were confused by the vessel holding the pumpkin and guard decorations, which many said looked like a "clam." One Twitter user put their photoshop skills to the test by adding Trump's older brother, Donald Trump Jr., into the photo. Oh Twitter, never change.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that's filled with tradition, and clearly Trump is getting into the spirit. After seeing that Instagram, I can't wait to head to the dinner table.