Ivanka Trump's HQ Shared Thanksgiving Decoration Advice & Twitter Tore It Apart

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means so much turkey and gravy... and your loosest fitting pants possible. If you're part of the Ivanka Trump team, though, it means the time has come to decorate your holiday table in a slightly gothic, super confusing way. Tweets about Ivanka Trump's Thanksgiving decoration advice might just be the best part of the holiday this year.

In case you haven't quite been following Ivanka Trump's brand, it's a medley of clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle tips for women. All of its various blog posts feature a perfectly curated picture, usually involving mason jars, strings of fairy lights, and a beautiful marble desk. Which is why, perhaps, it was so confusing that the Ivanka Trump team chose to tweet out the Thanksgiving display picture it did.

"Have no idea how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Problem solved," Trump's social media team tweeted out on Nov. 16. The accompanying picture featured a large, oddly shaped apparatus stuffed with pine combs, white pumpkins, what looks like part of a tree trunk (?), and some moss. There are also small white pumpkins on each of the plates. I am literally never on the cutting edge of the latest trends or cool things, but I really don't think white pumpkins are a thing. Nor do I think they should be.

Neither, it seems, does Twitter.

The unusual Thanksgiving display caught the eye (and the general) amusement of the social media sphere.

First off, people were pretty confused by the apparatus holding all the decorations.

Others were confused by the aesthetics of the whole thing.

Someone also put their photoshop skills to good use. Oh hey, Don Jr.

Others used the picture as a jumping off point to get political.

This, unfortunately, was not the first time Ivanka Trump's brand has gotten massively trolled on Twitter (though it was perhaps the first time that the brand took such a fashion-forward risk with table decorations).

Back in June, Trump's brand tweeted out its official Father's Day gift guide.

"Whether a football lover or a coffee aficionado, these picks will please every dad," the tweet read.

Twitter users used that opportunity to express what they though their fathers really wanted for Father's Day. You know, stuff like affordable health insurance and putting a stop to climate change. Oh, and they also had some opinion's about Trump's father as well.

The brand also landed itself in hot water this past May, when it tweeted out a suggestion about making champagne popsicles for Memorial Day. Twitter quickly swooped in to explain that, no, Memorial Day is not about making cute treats. It's about remembering the people who have fought for our country.

*Sigh.* That social media team really can't catch a break.

Perhaps my favorite gaffe came courtesy of Ivanka Trump herself, when she tweeted out the quote, "If not me, who? If not now, when?" Trump attributed that stellar saying to Emma Watson, though it actually came from Hillel the Elder, a famous Jewish religious leader.

Obviously, Emma Watson is an amazing, intelligent sorcerer and could probably come up with something equally wise to say. And, to be fair, Trump was probably pulling the quote from Watson's speech at the United Nations in 2014 when she said,

In my nervousness for this speech and in my moments of doubt I’ve told myself firmly—if not me, who; if not now, when. If you have similar doubts when opportunities are presented to you I hope those words might be helpful.

However Twitter was, once again, merciless.

What is the lesson to be learned here? Well, for one, Ivanka Trump's brand has to be super careful with its social media presence. Also, can we just agree that all-white pumpkins should really never be a thing? It just seems wrong.