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Is Tinashe Single? The Singer's Dating History Has A Dramatic Connection To Kendall Jenner


Life and love are hard when you're a regular person with a regular job doing regular things. Life and love when you're a celebrity with a celebrity job doing celebrity things with the whole world watching? Well, that heightens the stakes like whoa. Imagine how exhausting navigating dating and romance is/has been for you. Now, imagine if you're singer Tinashe. Fans might be wondering — is Tinashe single? While I can't know for certain, it does seem like the answer is yes, for now.

If Tinashe is seeing someone seriously, the public doesn't know about it yet. Her last public relationship was with NBA player, Ben Simmons, who is now rumored to be dating Kendall Jenner. Actually, Simmons' breakup with Tinashe was suspiciously close to the time he was first linked to Jenner, which was a little bit of drama. For a while, there were reports and rumors suggesting Tinashe was upset that Simmons moved on so quickly. To clear the air, Tinashe jumped on Instagram to post an unusually candid message about her love life and to put a stop to the noise.

In her post, Tinashe said she was "in love" with Simmons and that their breakup did hurt her, but that she had no negative intentions whatsoever when it came to Kendall Jenner. She wrote:

Listen, I usually never comment on things that are completely untrue and ridiculous, but this narrative has to end.. I’m not a character in some dumb storyline this is MY REAL LIFE. The fact is, I was in love, and I got hurt. I know I'm not the first nor will I be the last person to be in this situation. The details of what has happened since are complicated to say the least, but I've never lied. And of course I'm not a stalker lol.

Tinashe added she always tries to do the right thing and claimed people have taken advantage of her being a "sensitive" person before. She added the relatable sentiment, "I suck at most of this Hollywood shit" and said she is "not here to 'prove' anything to anyone at the end of the day."

Prior to Simmons, Tinashe was linked to famous DJ Calvin Harris in 2016. The two had collaborated professionally in the past and Harris reportedly gave her some advice about performing in Las Vegas. While fans were shipping Taylor Swift's ex with Tinashe at the time, she told E! News she was "definitely single."

Hm. Fine.

If you do a quick Google search, you might see that Tinashe was also speculated to have dated Ty Dolla $ign at some point, though that was never confirmed. She did, however, collaborate with him and French Montana on her 2018 track "Me So Bad" which featured her and the two rappers getting nice and cozy in the music video.

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All of this to say, Tinashe fans, your fave may just be single. That, or she's simply a boss at keeping her relationships on the down-low.

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