Tia Live-Tweeted 'The Bachelor' & It Seems Like She's Definitely Over Colton

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tia Booth may not be in front of the cameras anymore, but that doesn't mean she's staying out of the spotlight of Bachelor Nation. In fact, Tia live tweeted the premiere of The Bachelor Season 23, so we know she's watching her ex Colton Underwood find new love. Tia and Colton ended things last fall when they both appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and Colton told her he just wasn't feeling the chemistry with her. Tia told People magazine in September that she felt like she was in a good place after her time with Colton ended. She said:

It’s a relief to close that chapter of my life. We’re in a good place. We’re in a solid friend zone. And it’s honestly nice to move forward instead of wanting something when it’s not there.

Good thing that Tia was in a such a healthy place after her breakup with Colton, because that way she was able to be completely supportive of Colton as he begins his journey to find new and lasting love as this season's Bachelor. In anticipation of the Season 23 premiere, Tia took to Instagram to wish Colton good luck and remind fans that she's supporting her ex this season.

Tia roasted Colton a little bit in her Instagram post, but she promised she's doing it all with a friendly spirit – and also promised that she'll be tweeting all season long.

It's so nice to see that Tia and Colton still have kept their post-Paradise friendship alive through joint workout sessions, and that Tia is being a supportive friend by live-tweeting The Bachelor premiere. Although, with so many Bachelor Nation alums making appearances as premiere parties around the country, Tia was a little confused that she wasn't invited to be a host. Sounds like Tia would have been down to be a part of Colton's big night.

Back when Tia and Colton broke up on Bachelor in Paradise, Tia tweeted about how rough it was to see her relationship drama play out on broadcast television.

Hopefully since Tia has been through televised heartbreak before, she can be a big support to Colton as he braves all the ups and downs of dating 30 women at once. Actually, Tia can probably also provide some support to all the women dating Colton, since she knows him better than all of them.

Tia's probably able to be such a good sport watching her ex find love since she's already moved on to an exciting new relationship herself. In November 2018, Tia posted her first photo with new boyfriend Cory Cooper, and they've been happy together ever since. In fact, Tia's very first Instagram post of 2019 was an adorable pic of her sunbathing with Cory and welcoming the new year with him.

Maybe since Tia is tweeting support to Colton and all his potential partners, she and Cory can also give them all some advice about how to make a relationship work. It's so nice to see that there are no hard feelings between Tia and Colton, and they set a perfect example for how ex's can remain friends and with each other the best even after parting ways. When she and Colton broke up, Tia said on Bachelor in Paradise, "I know Colton is a great guy. I know what I deserve." Hopefully she'll keep voicing her support as Colton's season continues.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 14, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.