Beer-free Bud Light Seltzer is the brewing giant's latest innovation.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Bud Light Seltzer

by Collette Reitz
Courtesy of Bud Light

Bud Light… seltzer? You’ve probably seen the logo for the new spiked seltzer from the beer giant, and with its big block lettering letting you know what’s inside — well, kinda. Since Bud Light gets top billing on the logo, the first question that comes to mind is: Is there beer in Bud Light Seltzer? Here’s what you should know about the company’s latest sip.

Spiked seltzers have been all the rage since before the infamous White Claw shortage of summer 2019. Now, Bud Light is getting into the game. And no — there is no beer in Bud Light Seltzer. You’re not wrong to be confused by the name, but once you take a sip of one of the fruity flavors, all your questions will be answered. Bud Light Seltzer will hit shelves on Monday, Jan. 13, and it will be available in Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Mango, and Strawberry flavors.

Made with real cane sugar, distilled water, and natural flavors, the final product is a clear, bubbly hard seltzer. It boasts a 5% ABV and is gluten free. You’ll also notice its appearance differs from the classic blue Bud Light cans, thanks to its 12-ounce slim can design. The slim cans will be available in variety and single-flavor 12-packs, and there will also be single-flavor 25-ounce cans. Bud Light Seltzer will be priced as a "premium seltzer," which means it'll cost more than a 12-pack of Bud Light cans, which usually sells for between $10 and $14, depending on location.

So, why would Bud Light put its name on a hard seltzer, confusing beer-drinkers everywhere? Andy Goeler, Vice President of Bud Light, says Bud Light’s ability to make a superior product is why the brand expanded to the hard seltzer category.

Exclusively brewed at the Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Plant just outside Syracuse, New York, Bud Light Seltzer starts with the fermentation process of real cane sugar and distilled water, which is the most critical step to ensuring a quality hard seltzer. Any issues during fermentation can cause unpleasant odors and flavors to appear, which is why Bud Light conducts frequent quality tests. After fermenting for about 20 days, the sip goes through a five step filtration process, and then it's given a fruity kick with natural flavors and finally, after one last quality check, it's ready to go.

The brand says even people who don't like Bud Light beer will be happy with the seltzer, because, well... there's no beer in it.