There Will Be A Full Moon This February & It's Pretty Rare

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Do you keep track of the lunar cycle? Do you stare up at the night sky and take note of the phase of the moon? You know that when it's in the waning phase, it's a period of spiritual release and renewal, and when it's in the waxing phase, it's a time of steady growth and revelation. You feel these changes internally, as the moon rules over your emotional world, according to astrology. If you're in-tune with its fluctuations, you may already be wondering: Is there a full moon in February 2019? Well, you're in luck, because this time around, there most certainly will be.

However, you're asking a smart question here because it is true: not all Februaries contain a full moon. If you happen to remember, there was no full moon during February 2018. Instead, January 2018 and March 2018 both contained two full moons. Why all the confusion? Well, February is the shortest month out of the year, since it typically contains just 28 days compare to every other month's 30 or 31 days. Because the lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days on average, according to, its possible that the full moon might need one more day to take place.

But, don't let the absence of a full moon during February freak you out. It doesn't mean February is cursed, and besides, also indicates that the occurrence is rather rare. It happens just every 19 years. The last time it took place was 1999 and the next time will be 2037, making it so much more special.

When Will The February Full Moon Take Place?

If you'd hate to have to wait until March for a full moon, there's no need to worry. The second month out of the year's elusive full moon will take place on Feb. 19, 2019 at 10:53 a.m. EST.

February's full moon is always known as the Snow Moon. This name originates from the cultural exchange between Native Americans and Colonial Americans, according to Because they used to follow the lunar cycle to keep track of time's movement instead of today's 365-day Gregorian calendar, giving each month's full moon a name reminded them of the current season. As described by Farmer's Almanac, you knew it was February because of how intensely it snowed. Thick blankets of ice coated the ground, making the natural world ruthless and unrelenting place. According to Farmer's Almanac, this full moon was also known as the Hunger Moon, because hunting during the most difficult part of winter was not for the faint of heart.

How Will The February Full Moon Make You Feel?

Because of the difficult conditions surrounding the Snow Moon, the full moon that will take place on Feb. 19 is one that teaches you how to survive. It's the coldest and most ruthless part of the year, and since full moons are a moment of culmination, understanding, and change, you might just discover just how strong you are. Let it be a reminder that you're capable of getting through anything, even things that feel impossible.

Taking place in the mutable earth sign Virgo, this full moon is about responsibility, details, routine, and organization. Its focused and analytical eye will show you things that didn't notice before, such as tiny flaws that have been holding back your work or little things in life that you wish you had been more grateful for.

How have your habits been inefficient? How has procrastination been putting off your success? Have you been taking care of your mind and body? A messy, disruptive routine leaves you aimless with direction. Let the full Snow moon show you the way to prosperity, even in the harshest of circumstances.