Taylor Swift attends the Golden Globes.

Here's Why Swifties Are Convinced Taylor Will Drop A 3rd Album By Next Year

Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images

It's common knowledge that Swifties are a bunch of smart cookies. No matter how tough, they always seem to crack Taylor Swift's meticulously mapped out easter eggs and clues. Sometimes, they draw conclusions out of the smallest tidbit of information, and, often times, they're right. For example, after the release of Tay's Evermore and Folklore albums, Swifties are entirely convinced a third album is coming. The jury is out on whether Taylor Swift's Folklore is a trilogy, but here's some evidence to consider.

The third album fan theory is quickly circulating on Twitter, and much of the speculation comes down to a numbers game. One fan pointed out that the third album could be called Forevermore, and would make sense due to the number of syllables.

"ATTENTION SWIFTIES TS10 IS COMING!" one fan tweeted on Dec. 11. "Folklore (2 syllables), Evermore (3) & Forevermore (4)," they wrote, before pointing out there's also three objects on the plaque in the "Willow" music video.

Another fan pointed out how Swift's merch is being rolled out in threes, which could be another tell-tale clue about an impending third albim.

"The og cardigan is black and white, the second cardigan is beige and the main color taylor chose for evermore is brown," the fan tweeted. "Why am i starting to believe the folklore trilogy theory?"

If Swift is indeed releasing a third album, fans are convinced they already know a possibility for the name. Fans have been guessing about the meaning of Woodvale since the word appeared on the hide-and-seek deluxe CD edition of Folklore. Now, they think it's been a planned album title all along.

Not so fast, though, because Swift shot down the theory during a Dec. 14 interview with Jimmy Kimmel. She told the talk show host that putting Woodvale on the album cover was a total accident.

“Basically, when I was making Folklore, the album that came out back in July, I was too afraid to even unveil the title of the album to even my closest teammates and management," she said. "I didn’t tell anyone the album title until right before it came out. I came up with a fake code name that had the same amount of letters as Folklore. Chose a random name. Chose Woodvale. Wanted to see how it would look on the album covers, mocked them up."

"We forgot to take the fake code name off of one of them," Swift ultimately explained.

Swift prides herself on being transparent with fans, so if there is a third album, it's probably not called Woodvale. But she never said a third album doesn't exist, so I'll be over here with my fingers crossed.