6 Ways To Feel Comfortable Sleeping Naked If You're Always Super Cold At Night

I have always been a fan of pajamas, both in and out of bed, because they're just that darn cozy. So when friends and lovers sang the praises of sleeping naked, I always kind of scoffed at the idea. Well, I scoffed, that is, until l I heard there are apparently a lot of health benefits to sleeping in the buff. Funny, right? So I had to ask, as I'm always down for those tips about how to live my best life, is sleeping naked better for you than sleeping in your favorite lace-fringed, flannel nightgown?

Some will say, yes, it totally is better for you. Sleeping naked is apparently associated with some pretty cool, and somewhat surprising health benefits. For example, it supposedly can help you air out and reduce bacteria growth in your vagina, as well as keep your body temperature cooler without those added layers, which makes for a more restful sleep. Sleeping naked can also help with things like regulating your cortisol levels (aka stress hormones) and improving your skin.

But if you're having any doubts about stripping down and getting to sleep, worry not, my friend. There are ways to give this whole nude snooze thing a shot, even if you run cold, or you're just simply too wary of the whole thing.

Start Off Slow

Rather than dive right into the nude, maybe try falling asleep one night in just your cotton undies or tank top, and see how that feels before you take things a step further.

Think Winter Wear

So yeah, being cold can definitely be an issue if your body temperature tends to feel a bit chilly, although it's worth knowing that you actually get a more restful sleep when you cool down.

But what if, instead of wintertime jammies, you just wore wool socks? Studies show they have a big impact on your body temperature, especially when you're falling sleep at night.

Maybe wool socks aren't the sexiest accessory on earth, but who cares? You need your rest!

Down Blankets Are Where It's At

To me, a life without down blankets is barely — and I mean barely — worth living. Wrapping your body up in a down blanket is simply the softest and fluffiest experience this crazy world has to offer, if you ask me.

But if you aren't a fan, think about what does feel good for you against your skin. Perhaps it's jersey cotton, or a specific type of thread count, or even fleece. Let your body be the judge!

Breathe Through The Awkwardness
Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music on YouTube

For some people, the idea of spending the night in the buff might actually be anxiety-provoking. That's completely normal, and if it gets to a point where it really does negatively affect your shut-eye, throw the clothes back on and do whatever it is that calms you and makes you feel most comfortable as you fall asleep.

But if you're hell-bent on giving a nude snooze a try, consider trying things like meditation or calming breathing exercises that might take your mind off the awkward, anxious vibes you're feeling.

Appreciate The Beauty Of Your Body In Its Natural Form

Remind yourself that your body is a pretty darn amazing machine that's capable of just about anything, and it's totally beautiful just the way it is — even if it's sometimes hard to remember or believe.

Besides, rumor has it that sleeping naked actually boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

In the name of self-love, take it off, baby. Take it all off.

Develop A Calming Nighttime Ritual

Gather up some lovely, deliciously scented body oils, diffuse some soothing essential oils (lavender is my personal favorite), light a nice candle, sip your favorite sleepy-time tea — anything that will make you feel comfortable in that gorgeous skin you're in.