Shay Mitchell as Peach in Netflix's 'You'

Fans Are Theorizing That Peach Will Return In 'You' Season 2


You is returning to Netflix for Season 2 on Dec. 26, and the streaming service has teased fans by releasing details of the new season bit-by-bit over the past year. Way back in February, announcements confirmed Season 2 will feature some new faces, including Victoria Pedretti (The Haunting of Hill House), James Scully (Heathers), and Jenna Ortega (Jane the Virgin), but there are still some questions about which members of the orginal cast will reprise their roles. Specifically, fans are curious if fan-favorite Shay Mitchell will return to You for Season 2. Though it appeared her character, staunch Joe-doubter Peach Salinger, died in Season 1, You has so many twists, a Peach return might not be totally off the table.

In Season 1, Joe went after Peach not once, but twice, because she suspected Joe wasn't the innocent man he pretended to be. Peach survived Joe's rock-to-the head attack in Central Park early in the season, but seemingly wasn't so lucky the second time around when Joe followed her to her family's Greenwich house and shot her. While it seemed pretty clear Peach really did die, fans are still hoping to see Mitchell reprise her role for Season 2 in some way or another. Here are a few ways that could happen:


Peach Returns IRL

Despite assumptions Peach is dead, one fan theory suggest she is actually still alive. This theory has some legs, too; it points out that although audiences *heard* Joe's gun go off, viewers never actually saw what happened. Peach's friend who was in medical school had also been staying at her house (and viewers didn't see him leave), so it's plausible he heard the gunshot and used his knowledge of medicine to save Peach from Joe's non-fatal bullet.

Sure, there was a funeral for Peach in Season 1 and her family hired a PI to investigate the death, but those could all have been tactics to keep Peach safe from Joe, who clearly had it out for her. It's not the most likely theory, but it's possible the Salinger family is hiding Peach while she recovers, and in Season 2, she could come back with a new identity (like Joe) and a renewed sense of hatred for her BFF's killer.

Peach Haunts Joe In Flashbacks

If Joe's shot at Peach was truly fatal, that's not to say her character couldn't play a part in Season 2. After all, Joe's ex, Candace, played a huge role in Season 1 via Joe's hazy flashbacks. If Joe has any guilt about Peach's murder, her presence could loom over him and impact how he navigates his new surroundings and love interests in Season 2.

Peach Actually Is Dead & Won't Come Back

Of course, it is possible the shooting, funeral, and PI story were all what they seemed, and Joe doesn't have any lingering guilt, meaning Peach is really gone and won't have any part of Joe's twisted life going forward. With a new set of characters coming into Joe's new Los Angeles life in Season 2, perhaps there won't be room for more than one Season 1 character to make an impact on next season's storylines (and fans already know Candace will be there).

To find out exactly if and/or how Peach returns in You, viewers will have to tune in when Season 2 drops on Netflix on Dec. 26.