Joe Goldberg has a new name in 'You' Season 2

Netflix's 'You' Season 2 Trailer Reveals Joe's New City... & His New Name


Netflix is ending 2019 with a bang by debuting Season 2 of You on Dec. 26, exactly one year after the Season 1 release. So, for those feeling a little too cheery after the holidays, this stalker-drama's return might be the perfect solution. Ahead of the big day, Netflix has released a trailer for You Season 2, and it teases some big twists to get you excited (and a little nervous, TBH) for the new season.

Season 2 of You will bring to life Hidden Bones, the second novel in Caroline Kepnes' series. (Season 1 told the story of the first book, You.) While fans know the show won't be exactly the same as the books, especially when it comes to Joe's ex, Candace, it lays the backdrop for the new, creepy adventures Joe will have in the new season.

The trailer opens on Joe (Penn Badgely), who has left behind his crimes in New York to spend some time in sunny Los Angeles. His ever-present inner monologue is alive and well (unlike some of his former New Yorker friends) as the camera follows him into a coffee shop. Within three seconds, it's clear Joe does not like Los Angeles, nor does he care much for the people who live there. The majority of the video consists of him observing and ruthlessly criticizing the screenwriters, the selfie-takers, the health-foodies around him. According to Joe, Los Angeles superficial, and he's just not here for it.


Joe's narration ends with an overall criticism of his new city: "That's the thing about LA: Everybody is pretending to be something they're not." The irony that a homicidal man who presents as an innocent, trustworthy partner is calling people out on being fake is not lost on viewers, especially when, two seconds, later he introduces himself with a chilling stare into the camera and a brand-new identity: "Will".

Viewers are left to wonder why Joe (or should I say, Will) moved to Los Angeles if he hates it so much, but a potential new love interest aptly named Love (Victoria Pedretti) could be the reason. There are no clues indicating Joe has changed much since Season 1, so one can only hope this next romance doesn't end in death the way Beck's did.

Check out the full trailer for yourself below:

You Season 2 is available on Netflix on Dec. 26.