Rihanna Had An Epic Answer When Asked If She Was Going To The Royal Wedding & You'll LOL

by Candice Jalili
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After months and months of anticipation, the royal wedding is finally around the corner. That's right, people. This Saturday, May 19, Meghan Markle is tying the knot with Prince Harry and the whole world could not be more excited about it. While we already know a lot of the deets about their big day, there are still some pretty big question marks that will remain unanswered until Saturday, including the A-list guest list. Who will be at the event of the year? For example, is the people's Queen Rihanna going to the royal wedding? Well, according to a recent interview, she definitely won't be in attendance and the reason why is both hysterical and totally logical.

The interview took place between BadGalRiRi and an Access Hollywood reporter who innocently asked Rihanna whether or not she'd be attending the upcoming nuptials. After making it totally obvious that she didn't even realize the wedding is coming up (something only Rihanna could pull off), she casually asked the reporter, "Why would you think I’m invited?" The reporter tried to explain that she was only making the assumption because she knows Rihanna had met Prince Harry back in November 2016, when he was touring the Caribbean. Here's where things get real good. She responded, "You met me, you think you’re coming to my wedding? Am I coming to yours?" OK, good point, RiRi. Good point.

I mean, does Rihanna make a good argument or what? Like, yes they're all famous and freaking dope people, but just because they met once doesn't necessarily mean she's entitled to a wedding invite! I mean, were you planning on inviting every person you've ever met throughout your entire life to your wedding? Nope? Didn't think so.

I mean, I will say that if I met someone as fantastic as Rihanna, I'd want to invite her to my wedding... no matter how brief our encounter.

In the reporter's defense, Prince Harry and Rihanna actually did manage to spend some major quality time together. The two met up in Rihanna's homeland of Barbados and they shared some really deep, meaningful experiences.

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According to BBC News, the two met and shared some super ~deep~ conversation. AKA he shook her hand and said, "Hello, it's very nice to meet you." How could you not invite someone to your wedding after sharing a meaningful exchange like that?!

It's important to note that Rihanna and Prince Harry did put their brief time together toward some very noble charitable efforts. The two came together to help break the stigma around HIV testing. In fact, as a means of encouraging others to follow their lead, they even sat down to get their tests done themselves.

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Throughout the process, RiRi could not stop roasting Harry in the most hilarious way. After getting her shot, she exclaimed, "That was not bad! You really made it seem like it hurt!"

When asked about how they ended up doing this together, RiRi didn't stop with the jokes. "He sent his security... [they] just showed up at my place and dragged me out of bed, and here I am," she joked.

For those of you getting some flirty vibes, don't worry. Harry was already happily with Meghan when he met RiRi so he was totally unfazed by the flirty banter in the tropical destination.

So, the bottomline is that, while there will probably be lots of VIP guests at Harry and Meghan's wedding, Rihanna won't be one of them. Sad!

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