Mona Discovered A Disturbing Possibility About Nolan On This Week's 'The Perfectionists'

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

This post contains spoilers for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. Very few funerals within the Pretty Little Liars universe lead to a body remaining underground, and The Perfectionists has already proven that once before. After someone supposedly threatened her life, Taylor Hotchkiss faked her own suicide, living on the outskirts of Beacon Heights and working with her brother Nolan to uncover the deeper purpose of the Beacon Guard security system. But is Nolan alive on The Perfectionists? An updated Beacon Guard system might have revealed another shocking update to the Hotchkiss saga.

After making himself known as such an antagonistic presence, bad boy Nolan (Chris Mason) stunned viewers in the Perfectionists pilot when he met with Taylor (Hayley Erin) in a cabin in the woods. Taylor was using her off-the-grid status to track their mother's (Kelly Rutherford) use of Beacon Guard, and the siblings were contemplating why Claire Hotchkiss had amplified surveillance on Nolan and his blackmailed posse. Later that night, Nolan met who he seemingly believed was Alison (Sasha Pieterse) on the roof of Thorne Hall, revealing that Taylor was alive and they needed help.

The hooded figure on the roof killed Nolan, appearing to shove him onto the spikes of the fence below and matching Caitlin's (Sydney Park) ideal scenario of how to hurt Nolan. Since his death, Caitlin, Ava (Sofia Carson), and Dylan (Eli Brown) have been consumed with finding Nolan's murderer before the secrets he taunted them with became public. After hearing how similar she was to Taylor, Alison started investigating her life, leading to her discovery of the living Hotchkiss sister in a camper near Beacon Heights University.


April 24's "Lost and Found" introduced a new chapter of the Hotchkisses' story when Alison successfully convinced Taylor to reveal herself to Claire. While the pilot episode suggested bad blood between Claire and her kids, this reunion proved otherwise, showing the two women hugging tightly. The details of their catch-up were saved for another week, but with two-thirds of the Hotchkiss family back together, Mona (Janel Parrish) came across some unsettling details.

Searching Taylor's trailer after she had vanished from Alison's house, Mona uncovered a more advanced Beacon Guard system that shared the exact locations of people registered in the database. This came in handy when Mona realized that suspected killer Mason (Noah Gray-Cabey) was back on campus rather than away with the crew team, but her most startling discovery came at the very end of the episode. A Beacon Guard notification popped up saying that — surprise! — Nolan Hotchkiss was in motion and supposedly at Mona's apartment.


Did Nolan pull a Taylor and also fake his death? Seeing as viewers and characters actually saw his impaled, lifeless body, the possibility doesn't seem that believable, but Mona also found a detail that may explain the strange Beacon Guard report. In a lineup of Hotchkiss family members, including deceased dad Peter, the term "BH4" appeared but was never explained. Is there another Hotchkiss child that no one knows about? Another evil twin? Perhaps whoever's behind "BH4" has tricked Beacon Guard into tracking him or her as Nolan. We'll have to wait and see if we're due for another resurrection from the dead on The Perfectionists.

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