Mr. Honey on 'Riverdale'

OMG, Mr. Honey May Be Hiding A Huge Secret On 'Riverdale'

Kailey Schwerman/The CW

It wouldn't be a new episode of Riverdale without a last-second cliffhanger, and the highly anticipated April 29 episode was no exception. After nearly an hour of Barchie drama, the final few moments (not to mention that sneak peek of the Season 4 finale) revealed the strict, rule-abiding principal Mr. Honey in a not-so-flattering light. So, is Mr. Honey behind the Riverdale videotapes? He's not coming off so by-the-book these days.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 4, Episode 18, "Lynchian." While most of the episode was centered around Archie and Betty's sexual tension and history, there was also an odd twist that potentially tied in the mysterious videotapes and Riverdale High's tickle porn ring (a sentence I never thought I would type). Despite the videotapes plotline being absent from the majority of the season, the creepy unmarked VHS tapes are back, and now, they've taken on an even darker tone.

In the final moments of "Lynchian," Cheryl called Jughead and asked him to come over after she received a horrifying video. If you recall, Jughead received an anonymous video of someone in a Jughead mask getting his head bashed by someone in a Betty mask in the previous episode.

Fans can deduce the video Cheryl received in the new episode was a reenactment of her brother Jason's murder by their father, Cliff, but that doesn't explain why she got the tape. That's where Mr. Honey may come in...

Earlier in the episode, Mr. Honey found out about the tickle porn his students were involved in and told them it needed to be shut down. This makes sense, considering they were wearing school paraphernalia (not the wisest for keeping their identities hidden, but whatever). What doesn't make sense, however, is how Honey knew about their little side hustle in the first place. While it's possible the students' tickle-porn rivals tipped off the principal, it's also possible Mr. Honey found out about the videos a different, more sinister way.

Earlier in the episode, Jughead learned of the "Scarlet Suite," a back room at the local video store that contained homemade porn (including an illicit Betty-Jughead sex tape, before Ethel got her hands on it, that is). The room was also suspected of having snuff films, too, including a video of Cliff Blossom killing Jason.

At the end of the episode, viewers saw none other than Mr. Honey standing in the video store, and he seemed to be a regular there.

After Mr. Honey was told the Scarlet Suite had been raided by the FBI, the principal seemed unsettled. Now, fans are not only speculating that's how he found out about the tickle porn in the first place, but also that he could be behind the spooky tapes that started showing up back at the very beginning of the season, too.

Whether he's bummed because his favorite videos have been taken off of the shelves or because his larger plan to torment the entire town of Riverdale has been set back, fans will have to wait to find out. Considering the next and final episode of the season is called "Killing Mr. Honey," something tells me either way, it's not going to end well for the principal.

The Riverdale Season 4 finale will air on May 6 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.