If You’re Freaking Out About Mercury In Retrograde, Here’s What You Should Know

If you've been paying any attention to the astrological forecast lately, you'll know that on Thursday, March 22, we'll all be plunged into the fiery depths of Mercury in retrograde. This planetary phenomenon instills fear in even the bravest of us all. Between sleeping in through your final exams to having your car break down on the freeway during bumper to bumper traffic, a lot can go wrong. Since Mercury rules over transportation, communication, and technology, all of those aspects of life are challenged during its retrograde. We're known to say the wrong things at the wrong times, accidentally delete important documents in our computers, and wind up lost without any reception on our phones. Yeah, it's not awesome. However, even though this astrological dilemma is not in any way ideal, is Mercury retrograde always bad? You'd be surprised; the answer isn't so black and white.

While Mercury in retrograde definitely deserves to have the bad rap it has, most of us fail to see the good that can come out of it. For one thing, sometimes the coolest things happen when things don't go according to plan. Sometimes a terrible situation can turn into the greatest thing that ever happened to you. Regardless of whether you're dreading this retrograde or eager to find out what happens, a little drama never hurt anybody — in fact, sometimes it makes everything way more interesting.

This drama will be especially fascinating while Mercury is in Aries. This is a sign that is not known for holding back. An Aries goes through life by releasing an endless amount of energy into the world and making a huge impact, no matter what they decide to do. Can you just picture the sh*t that's about to go down, people?

Plot Twists At Every Corner

During Mercury retrograde, you'll experience twists and turns in any given situation. If you expect something to go a certain way, it's almost guaranteed that things will veer off course. People reveal hidden agendas, promises are broken, and the truth almost always finds a way to come out. With all the high stakes and drama everywhere you go, you may feel like your life is becoming a reality TV show.

While this obviously sounds like an emotional roller coaster, the things that go down during Mercury in retrograde make for some great stories down the line. Even if a situation goes sour, the things you learn from it will allow you to look back on this period fondly. Sure, it's great when nothing is rocking the boat, but where's the fun in that?

You will be delivered one wild realization after another during this astrological saga. Brace yourselves. You may just be pleasantly surprised by where you end up.

Beauty In The Madness

Yes, you'll probably be late to important appointments. Your thumb might obscure the lens as you snap shots in front of the Eiffel Tower, ruining the greatest photo op of all time. You might get into an irrational shouting match with your best friend at the grocery store. Maybe your long lost twin will even show up on your front door step (JK, but it's not impossible). Basically, you'll probably be so stressed out, you won't know which way is up and which is down.

But here's the kicker: This is what life is all about. Smooth sailing? Boring nights at home watching re-runs of The Office? Waking up on time and going to bed early? You will never remember any of that. Why? Because it's not in the least bit interesting.

It's in the madness that we discover beauty we could never have dreamed of. It's when life delivers you a bunch of lemons that you discover all the genius things you can do with those lemons. It's when you're at your breaking point that you get to see what you're really made of.

Get Closure From Your Past

Ghosts from a long time ago may come to haunt you during Mercury retrograde. By "ghosts," I mean exes, old friends you know longer talk to, estranged family members, and so on and so forth. By "haunt," I mean that you will either feel pulled to contact them or they might even track you down themselves. One way or another, strange conversations with people you have a controversial past with are bound to happen.

While these talks can definitely end in tears and a lot more anger than you bargained for, they're ultimately a good thing because you may finally be able to get some closure. You might have the opportunity to ask them what you've always wanted to know. You may finally have the chance to exchange a few apologies.

On the other hand, these meet ups can also end in hugs, kisses, and a renewed sense of your relationship. Maybe you're meant to be in their lives after all and this awkward retrograde helped bring you guys back together. Either way, Mercury retrograde is full of surprises just waiting to be unveiled. If you're nervous, good. If you're excited, even better.