7 Signs Your New LinkedIn Connection Wants To Be More than "Just Coworkers"

Courtesy of Griffin wynne

If there is good in this world, we will live to see a remake of the iconic 2000s TV show, "The Office." Although the classic only ended in 2013, it's astonishing to think about all the differences a mockumentary about a current American workplace would have. Would Kelly and Ryan have matched on Tinder? Would Schrute Farms be on UberEats? Would Jim have crept on Pam's LinkedIn? When crushing on a coworker, it can hard to navigate what's work appropriate. For example, is LinkedIn flirting real?

If you share a desk, a cubicle, or a bouncy ball, and innovate "think space" (@ the tech industry) it's natural to start to share some feelings. You see them everyday, they understand why your boss is stupid, and they probably have some similar interests to you, if you ended up at the same office. If they don't have your number and don't follow your personal social media, they may use that they can to learn more about you. Don't be fooled by it's professional language and admiration by college counselors everywhere — LinkedIn can give you some good insight on your boo. Seeing your crush's LinkedIn is like peeking their resume, and after all, a first date is kind of like an interview, right?

Here are five signs your new LinkedIn connection could turn into something more.

They view at your profile, a lot.

I don't pay for LinkedIn premium so I can't see everyone who views my profile, but you could pay, and then you could see. If your cutie coworker is a repeated visitor, it could mean they've got their eyes on you.

They "say congrats" you, for that new job .

Bonus points if it's not even in their department or if you're leaving the place you both worked at. Bonus-bonus if they ask to buy you a drink or coffee to celebrate.

They "say Happy Birthday," even if they barely know you.

Even though they did not eat the cake your boss got you, and you totally made a note of that.

They "like" your updates.

What other way to say you have their heart than "liking" that you've recently taken on a new project.

They message you to hang, off-duty.

Using LinkedIn messenger to engage in an informal after-work hang — hmmm, sounds spicy.

I also just want to say, if a coworker is interested in hanging outside of work and you're not into it, or if they're into you and you're not into it, you're allowed to say a big no to both.

They frequently send you job postings.

Just a little way to say "this made me think of you" (and how talented and driven and amazing you are.)

They ask to "connect."

Ok this one is pretty basic, but honestly, LinkedIn is pretty nonintrusive first step in engaging with someone you work with more, where a "follow" or "friend" on personal social media can be a pretty big of a step. And, they didn't have to ask to connect.

Any good employer would glance over someone's papers before bringing them on board, creeping on your crush's LinkedIn is just doing your research right?

To be perfectly clear: I am not encouraging reckless office flirting, especially if those feelings are unrequited. Workplace harassment is absolutely never OK, and should be reported accordingly. Additionally, it is important to note that not all LinkedIn activity is flirting! Always confirm that your encounter isn't just business casual. If you do think a coworker is lurking on your LinkedIn, but you're not even remotely interested, consider letting them down easy and move on.

However, If you do believe your coworker is indeed crushing on you, and feeling is mutual, maybe ask them to sit with you at lunch or grab coffee at break. Who knows what can happen from a basic connection.