Is Lil Baby Dating Jayda Cheaves? Their Relationship Is Complicated AF

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To call Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves' relationship complicated would be an understatement. Ever since the Atlanta rapper and the hair mogul got together in 2016, they've kept fans guessing about their status, and even in 2021, it's unclear whether Lil Baby is dating Jayda Cheaves or not — though it seems as though the two may not be together at the moment. Let's review their complicated relationship from the beginning, shall we?

According to Cheaves, she first met Lil Baby through her sister, Ameerah Cheaves. Before she moved from Savannah to Atlanta (which is where Lil Baby lives), the rapper started sliding into her DMs. When he found out Cheaves' sister lives in Atlanta, he recruited her help to hook him and Cheaves up. "We finally crossed paths when I moved to Atlanta and we just started vibing," Cheaves explained to DJ Smallz Eyes during a June 2018 interview, adding, "It's pretty serious ... It will be two years coming up really soon."

Just a few months before that interview, Lil Baby seemingly admitted to cheating on Cheaves with another woman, Ayesha, who's the mother of his oldest son. However, Cheaves never commented on Lil Baby's rumored infidelity, and on her 21st birthday in September 2018, Cheaves surprised fans with a new baby bump instead. "By far the BEST birthday 👶🏽," she captioned the since-deleted post. Then, in February 2019, Cheaves and Lil Baby welcomed their first child together.

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Despite those April 2018 cheating rumors, things seemed to go well for Lil Baby and Cheaves after welcoming their son. In September 2019, Cheaves opened up about balancing her responsibilities as a mother, an entrepreneur, and a girlfriend during an interview with Sheen magazine. "Being a girlfriend to a rapper is much like being a girlfriend to anyone else," she said. "You show your partner that you care, support their dreams, and stay in their corner."

But the couple appeared to go through another rough patch in early 2020. In February, Lil Baby claimed he wasn't "too deep on love" with anyone during an interview with Wallo267, and soon after, Cheaves confirmed breakup rumors. "Stop trying to piece together this man interviews, songs etc because we're no longer in a relationship," Cheaves wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "We're also not beefing so plz stop with the negativity. It's no bad blood on my end. & the main focus right now is that we have a 1 year old to raise. That's it. That's all."

In May, Cheaves posted a pic of her and Lil Baby kissing in her Instagram Stories, seemingly confirming they were back on. Then cheating rumors plagued the couple again in December 2020, when an adult film actor named Ms. London reportedly claimed Lil Baby paid to have sex with her while celebrating his birthday in Vegas. Lil Baby quickly denied the claims, tweeting, "Jayda been wit me my whole bday including Vegas y'all be on bs."

However, the rumors persisted regardless, and Cheaves eventually spoke out, asking fans to stop sending her their unsolicited opinions on the matter. "OK now ya'll chill on ya girl," she wrote in an IG Story. "My feelings starting to get hurt and ya'll know I can normally take the jokes but enough now." A day later, Lil Baby admitted that he had, in fact, cheated with Ms. London, and soon after, he and Cheaves unfollowed each other on Instagram. Lil Baby has since deleted his account, while Cheaves has removed all pics of her and Lil Baby together from her grid.

IMO, Cheaves' recent IG captions have been giving off major "single girl" vibes, but with her and Lil Baby, it's not always clear where they stand.

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